The marketing world has now changed in a dynamic way because of the emergence of different social media platforms. The growth of social media platform has become a major part of building social signals which is very important for SEO marketing. How the company’s website rank on the search engine has a great importance on company’s site engagement and building a website organic traffic. Different social media trends affect the SEO campaign to boost their lead generation to boost their lead generation process and website conversion rates this year.

A significant number of people are using social media for finding products and services. Some global statistics to support the statements are:

Social networking is used by about 76% of businesses in order to achieve their marketing objectives.
Business retailers experience about 133% increase in revenues after marketing their business in the mobile market that promotes social media marketing value for their business.
About 71% of the consumers respond according to the feedback and recommendation of social users regarding a particular brand.
Consumer reviews are regarded by shoppers as trustworthy than the marketing promotion coming directly from the brand site.
The majority of successful brands have a social media page in order to widen their marketing coverage of making their brand more accessible to the social media users.

More Engagements: Social signals can significantly boost the search engine optimization effort. More people share, like, comment, the website becomes more relevant and the website acquires a higher position to the search engine results page.

Promoting Brand Awareness: Social media is the biggest platform where targeting customer can be specific and fruitful. As a result, a good marketing boost to the brand image can be easy in growing number of people who are becoming interested in your brand.

Word of mouth advertising: Word of mouth advertising tends to have a higher trust rating from the consumers than the product descriptions that your company promotes from your site. Through social media platform influencing wider audience became a stress-free thing. So integrating social media into your digital marketing campaign is thus crucial in order to attain your marketing goals.

Social media surveys reveal that a big percentage of the consumers spend an average of 37 minutes a day on popular social media channels like Facebook and Twitter and 10% of the internet users are spent on social media sites. So social media can offer a great potential market to online marketers. In future advertising investment will continue to grow,

Optimize your website by combining SEO and social media marketing strategies to enjoy the influence of social media buttons in making your online pages more engaging to your website visitors.

Image-Centric Content for Social Media Marketing: Visual contents are more effective to catch people’s eye. It gives a good online exposure. Video contents and content writing marketing are generating more revenue in today’s marketing world.
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