2019 is the year of gamers, just like every other year in the past and the upcoming years in the future. But this year you might want to take a pause on PUBG and Fortnite because new releases, like Remedy Entertainment Immensely Compelling Game Control, will give you something new to get addicted to. And there’s more on the way. While it may still be too early to call those listed below the best games of the year, by the New Year's Eve they just might be. The list here includes the best 2019 releases from all genres, gaming platforms and developers, each worth a try.

Devil May Cry V

If you missed hacking demons apart as Dante your wait is over, because he is back in this action-packed cinematic supernatural slash and kill game. And this time, Nero is the MVP with some neat upgrades in terms of equipment and skillsets. This game also answers the questions the previous games in the franchise left hanging. From action to graphics, everything here is turned to ten.


From the same company that produced Alan Wake and Max Payne, Remedy Entertainment’s Immensely Compelling Game Control is set in the Oldest House, an ever-changing maze that is leading you (or rather Jesse Faden the MC) by the nose forcing you to fight people possessed by the Hisses. It kinda feels like if Scarlet Witch entered an Inception maze full of people trying to kill you. The gameplay and graphics are just as thrilling as the plot sounds.

Steamworld Quest: Hand Of Gilgamesh

Image & Form's latest turn-based RPG refreshes the tried and tested genre with some funky robotic characters. This deck-building game builds tension at every move that needs to be made for success but doesn't punish you harshly for making the wrong move, making the gameplay experience light-hearted and fun. This also allows you to experiment with card combos, stat effects and cooperative moves to get the best results.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

The latest in Creative Assembly and Sega's turn-based tactical game, Three Kingdoms is filled with characters from the famous era and consists of many scenes portraying the diplomacy and human relationship while the gameplay places as much emphasis on the economics of war as it does on strategies. The game mechanics come with the option of the romance version where the generals gain mythical powers attributed to them and the classic version based on historic texts, both the versions are worth the try to understand how legends differ from history.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

That's right (pun intended)! Phoenix is back on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch to solve bizarre cases involving even supernatural elements at times all the while dealing with corrupt lawyers. And its graphics and user interface have been upgraded to meet the specs of the modern platforms. For those of you too young to remember the trilogy or those who missed out on them, this is the perfect chance to find out what those memes are all about.

These are just some video games of 2019 that you must try out, more titles are set to make their debut later this year.

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