In the event of an auto accident, your immediate action should include filing an insurance claim to compensate the damage to the car.

Life is simply filled with the uncertain and the unexpected. For instance, you can have the worst day of your life, starting form morning. What looks like a bad morning at work, because you will just be aggravated when you meet an auto accident. When this happens, the initial reaction of most people is to lose their cool or panic and completely lose control. You shouldn't, however.

If you have suffered physical injury or if the car has suffered severe or mild damage, you need not pay for the medial bills or for the care repair shop, if the mistake is not on your part. The insurance company of the other party will be held liable to bear all the expenses, if you can prove that you stuck to the traffic rules and it was him who violated them, leading to the accident. You can claim for personal injury and various other types of damages.

Rental insurance, medical insurance, and auto insurance are practically being paid for by everybody. Insurance companies are now obligated to pay for all kinds of settlements for personal injuries. The court has nothing to do with this transaction. All negotiations are strictly between the insurance company and the victim. It is only when the insurance company does not honor the claim that the victim may take a legal action and take it to court.

Some people believe that insurance companies readily pay out claims as soon as auto accidents occur. That is not the case. The process is quite longer than expected. Once the auto accident has occurred, report it to the insurance company so their agents can carry out the research necessary on the incident.

If their research shows that the mistake wasn't yours, you won't be given the insurance amount. You will not get paid the settlement, if you can't present proof to back up your claims and allegations. For example, you might report that the car tire has been damaged. If the insurance company's research has turned up that the damage was only recent, they won't pay the amount. Similarly, if you report certain medical conditions as personal injuries, you will not receive the settlement amount. It could be that you've been experiencing back pain for most of your life. If you report that you had back pain or other personal injury, only after this accident, this will not be accepted. The insurance company will also refuse any claims for personal injuries sustained from an auto accident, when it is found out to be from a pre-existing medical condition.

Your statements should be propped up by proper evidence. You could be presenting falsehoods in your claims, but as long as you present persuasive evidence to the insurance company, you're good.

The settlement amount will be lesser than the amount of the insurance policy of the party that hit your car. Not all insurance policy limits will be the same. It can be as low as 25,000 US dollars or as high as 200,000 US dollars. In order to avoid litigation costs and other expenses, settlements will be made out of court.

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