As soon as we step out of our safe haven, we never know when we breathe air that contains viruses, bacteria and we may even catch a disease or infection. To avoid this unwanted situation, it is essential to wear a mask. However, there is a 68% chance of leakages in ordinary masks. iMask Plus is a protective health mask which is reusable and is equipped with Bluetooth technology and air quality app. In the era of pollutions, contaminants, viruses, and other toxic chemicals, it is essential to have a reliable protective health mask.

iMask Plus is a multifunctional mask that is highly comfortable and even has Bluetooth connectivity. This non-disposable mask ensures long-wear ability without any discomfort. It is perfect for use all over the world where the environment is unclean.

A huge number of people suffer from diseases caused by airborne pathogens and a lot of the people die because of fine particles present in the air because they cause conditions like cancer, pulmonary diseases and respiratory infections.

In the current times, you may see a lot of different masks made with different materials but the problem is not all of them are reliable. They may not fit properly, may not be comfortable, and may even have chances of leakages. So, it is necessary to have a reliable mask that will keep you away from all the infections, diseases, and unwanted materials.

iMask Plus has a variety of different features, such as the noise-canceling sound built-in Bluetooth technology. It is also non-disposable so you can use it as many times as you want. Also, it is pretty easy to clean as well. The cool thing is that you don’t have to stick to the same old white or green color, iMask Plus comes in a variety of colors and also has logos so you can pick out your favorite one. It also consists of the mask filtration system that makes sure that you breathe contaminant and pathogen-free air.

Benefits of iMask Plus:

a) Comfortable protection:
You get hygienic breathability with iMask Plus and you may not be able to achieve with ordinary masks. You can even wear it for a longer period of time because it consists of a one-way valve that allows the release of carbon dioxide.

b) Comfortable fit:
iMask Plus is designed in a unique manner to ensure ergonomic fit. It comes with a high-tech washable frame and you can easily breathe because of the one-way valve. The valve has the ability to expel carbon dioxide, unlike the typical masks.

c) Suitable for all activities:
You can wear this mask anywhere you like and you can wear it while doing anything. While you are walking, talking, exercising, running, chatting or even talking on a call, you can easily this mask.

d) Replaceable filter:
Since it comes with a replaceable N99 filter, it protects you from airborne diseases and infections.

e) Bluetooth connectivity:
Bluetooth connectivity is one of the coolest features that this mask has. It allows you to easily communicate, attend calls, and even listen to music if you like.

f) Long-lasting:
iMask plus is specifically designed to last long. The average time period that it lasts for is about 12 to 24 months. The life of the mask depends upon the usage. Also, the replaceable filter lasts for about 20 hours which is a pretty decent time. You get to breathe pathogen-free air for

20 hours per filter.

Pamela Gabriel is a doctor’s wife and she is the one who conceived the idea of a smart mask. She envisioned the idea 11 years ago and wanted to develop a mask that would protect her from getting sick. Later, with the help of engineers, she came up with a mask that was not only reliable but was also easy to clean, non-disposable, and smart.

iMask plus is perfect to provide protection for up to 20 hours per filter, giving you confidence and the feeling of safety so you can go for a walk, grocery shopping, bike riding or just to get a chore done. The disposable inner filter, competitive power, and Bluetooth technology make this mask unique and better from the rest of the masks.

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Misty Jhones