Architecture is one of the most unique professions and one where you can let your imagination come to life. Architects don't think inside the box, but instead design the box itself to their likings. They must have a special gift that most are not given. Architects must foresee something before it's been created and be able to manage a design to meet certain criteria and standards.
I like to think that this is one of my personal strengths, I can imagine just about anything before I create it and it allows me to design what I want and how I want it designed. I know I'm not the only one out there, and to each of you who have these same strengths you know what I'm talking about. It's a wonderful feeling to watch something you've imagined and watch it come to life. It's almost comparable to watching a child grow up before your eyes.
Being creative and unique is the most important aspect of the Architectural experience to me. It's definitely not something that every one of us can conquer as a profession. Through the Imagination of Architects works of art are born and inspiration of design is spread throughout the world. Personally I believe Architecture is one of the first examples of what Art can be, and every second someone with the ability to use their imagination to create a structure is born.
When an Architect begins work on the floor plans of a house he has to imagine every thing from how the sun is going to pass through the windows in the morning or how the cabinets are setup in the kitchen for the dishes and cooking utensils. Every single detail must be accounted for in order to receive the desired design of the architect's needs. A good Architect will take every last detail into consideration because they know the importance of elegance as well as structural integrity.Visit CAD Drafting Service and 3D CAD Designer

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