The next time you are having a promotion in the café, or store or the mall that also extends to the web displays, consider having posters. It is a fantastic way to lure people. The ones with great effects, large cut outs and expressions are ideal to install. But before that a little creative imagination needs to be worked for the brief for it to succeed. If you are choosing images for posters try the digital services of an online photo studio. This is where the action packed images can be created, designed and sent in the most proficient way in less time. Online studios provide end-to-end solutions for all conversions of image to vector. The editors can convert images of any form into their respective vector forms using image to vector techniques. For example, a bitmap image needs to be made scalable for making a grand poster. Working with a bitmap image becomes very difficult as it is in the form of pixels or dots. One cannot resize or rotate these images without converting them into their respective vector formats. In case if the image has not been converted to a vector form, then it is likely to be a pixated, cheap-looking image of the object and designers will complain that they cannot modify the image. But by converting them to their respective raster forms gives them the required scalability and malleability.

With the advent of the Internet, this application is now an excellent way to convert image to vector format. There are many stock images available for free on the net. These can be used creatively according to the brief to make a poster. The Internet is a treasure house of stock vectors, which are available for viewing online. One just needs to go online in order to see this collection. These stock vectors carry the advantage of scalability without losing the original nuance of the image. Using these stock vectors images can be rotated, resized, enlarged or shrunk without as much as losing the image quality. Stock vectors in various designs are available online, ready to be downloaded, for all advertisement needs. Although most sites offer stock vectors for free, few others provide them relatively cheaply.

However, only a graphic designer can understand the nuances of a bitmap and a vector image. Hence when posters are being designed from image to vector format, the file type recognizes the difference between the bitmap and vector. The file extension type is the giveaway. An image file ends in .jpg, gifr, and .bmp. On the other hand, a vector file has the extension .eps, .ai, .cdr. This will make it easier to differentiate between the two. A very common query among people working with bitmap files is whether they can drag a .jpg file into a program like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw and then save it as an .eps file? Dragging a bitmap file into a program as above will just embed the file into the program and it will not be possible to modify the resulting file. Online studios have software that solves this problem. They provide these services at competitive rates to make the best posters.

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