Where is Image Re-sizing needed?

Profile pictures for passports, social networking, official documents and scores of other reasons have always been difficult to shoot. Studio photographers almost get some details wrong. And now the larger digital pictures are shot. They too pose a problem if the size cannot be reduced. Sometimes the amateurish job is evident when the picture looks flat or expanded. The facial features are not normal, giving an impression that the original features of the person are flawed. Another major area where image re-sizing has become popular is with montage pictures. Because of the number of pictures used, the bulk might show. Resizing them gives a bona fide look. Such images are also easier to share on social networking sites, phones, and also emails. Many web stores require thumb-sized images for their picture galleries. Resizing is also advantageous for them.

How is resizing done?

One of the safest tools in editing software is Image re-sizing. The correct use of this feature brings terrific results. The editing software has the pre-set format of sizing. One is able to select the size while working on it. There are many options for resizing. An experienced editor is able to select the right dimensions like the width, height and scaling for the picture. The correct ratio is essential also for scaling it. Once it is selected, then it is cropped. Now the same edited picture can be saved in Jpeg format, which is universally known for sharing on various sites. There are options of sharpening the setting. Proper boundary lines can be given to make the edges smooth. There is also provision to add some text (perhaps a caption for the viewer). Borders also can be added. They come in different colors, thickness and styles. A blur effect can also be given if required. If a watermark needs to be added it can be done with correct use of the transparency tool. The image can be rotated or shaped anyway too. One can preview the sample and check if it looks good. While editing many such creative additions make the smaller sized images also interesting. After re-sizing the pictures can be converted into files that are labeled for sending to the recipients.

Big pictures are good when they need to be printed. But when it comes to use on profiles, blogs, passport or other web based needs cropping and re-sizing are essential. Even when emails are sent with pictures the size matters. The reduced images are so much faster to send. Image re-sizing can be combined with manipulation and multiple re-sizer tools. All digital images can be resized and edited for convenience. It is no longer a hassle for the user who wants to share quality images. The new avatar can be as good as the original one.
TIP: To ensure there is no distortion of image choose the same height and width while editing it. The new age avatar image will be the exact replica of the original size.

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