Image manipulation is a buzzword in many fields in the digital world. From personal good-looking purpose to political propaganda, images are manipulated for various reasons. This technique comprises of retouching the areas – technically and creatively. Technical retouching is enriching the beauty of skin tone, color correction and even air brushing. Technical retouching involves adding content to the image. However, it works effectively in augmenting the pigments and thereby projecting minor details of the image. Creative retouching on the other hand increases the content on the image with a free will. This is done on the sole discretion of the editor. These images are manipulated for recreational and ad campaign drives. Just imagine some huge statues placed on water bodies with appropriate shadows and reflections. The image manipulation like these is a pictorial treat to eyes.

The use of image manipulation is extensively done to improve quality of web pictures of products and services. Such is the impact of image manipulations in the print and web media. Glamour photography and photojournalism create magic with this technique, which photo editors apply. Many instances in print graphics are created for global customers. Adding more smoke to a blast action, adding more crowds to a gathering is a part of image manipulation in photojournalism. Increasing the hue and contrast of images taken in battles make them look very stunning than the original image. Such manipulations can be used for positive as well as negative needs. Image manipulations are done for a long time now. Joseph Stalin of the erstwhile USSR used manipulation techniques to remove Nikolai Yezhov from a famous battle ship photograph for political propaganda. One cannot forget the contrast-increased image of O.J.Simpson in Time magazine that stood next to unaltered image of him in Newsweek during his criminal trial.

Simple image editing techniques like adjusting Hue / Saturation, Brightness / Contrast gives a wholesome impact to the picture. Image manipulations include color corrections, inclusion of shadows, reflections and lighting effects. Skin tone correction is widely used technique in modeling and glamour image editing. Neck manipulation is another most sought after technique, which enhances the feminine component in the image.

Photomontage is a technique to create highly imaginative and creative images. This maneuvering effect will create a wholesome product out of many individual snaps. They create a big landscape picture edited out of a collection of images. Various online editors use multiple images editing software to create a magical end product. Photoshop is most widely used software for image manipulation. It is used to an extent, which has created a word ‘Photoshopped’ to denote an image, which is manipulated. In the increasing demand there are concerns raised against extensive image manipulations. Celebrities like Britney Spears once agreed to display her altered and unaltered images together. On the other hand fashion magazines are in a thought that beauty industry cannot survive without image manipulations.

There are many offshore image editing firms who do this technique for their regular clients. They work out their business online and perform excellent image editing work. Customer can expect deliveries in a stunning turnaround time, which is still a dream for offline image editing companies.

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