I am scared.

Yep - scared. I love the emails, cards, and phone calls from so many of you saying that you want to be fearless. You want to share your story, build the business, leave your spouse, buy the house, or leave the job.

But, you're scared.

I am too.

Everybody is. All those emails flooding your inbox... all the people making all those whatever figures a year... the ones flying fancy planes and sipping champagne. They are scared, too. Some of them are exaggerating their stories for you because they are frightened that if you saw who they really are - imperfect, taking out the trash, walking the dog... you might not love them anymore.

And some aren't exaggerating their stories — they just live a lot like you and me. Working hard, loving our work, playing, having fun, and wanting to make a difference in the world. But we all have one thing in common: fear. I remember as a child watching Jesse Jackson give a political speech where he said:

"Some of your folks came over on the Mayflower; Mine came over on slave ships. But we are all in the same boat now."

And we are all in the same boat now no matter where you came from or where you are — we are all looking to make more money, make an impact, serve, and live an extraordinary life. So, I want to ask you to do something with me today. I want you to understand and recognize that you aren't that far away from where I am. You aren't any different than those emails coming into your inbox. You can live any life you want and it's ok to be scared. I am. They key is:

You do it afraid.

The truth is:

If you are afraid — you have company.

The prescription is:

Do it anyway.

Any next big step is scary — believe me I feel like I have been on a 3-year stair climber. As my mentor says, "You change ~ adapt ~ grow!" And when you do you see results.

Now, here is what doesn't work:

You are scared and you do nothing. OR Be afraid and avoid making a decision.

Success takes action even when you are afraid. Success means being nervous and investing in yourself. Being afraid and starting anyway. Being scared and taking risks.

Success is in doing it afraid.

"What we fear comes to pass more speedily than what we hope." -- Publilius Syrus - Moral Sayings (1st C B.C.)

(c) 2010 Suzanne Evans

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