The holidays are such special occasions. Many people do not celebrate the holidays due to the loss of a loved one. Life is meant to be enjoyed and you can be at peace with the loss of a loved one.

You can go visit my gravesite, but I’m not there. My spirit lives on, everywhere. I can see everything that you’re going through and I wish I could just hold you. Just know that each and every day I walk along side of you.

I am the bird in the tree and the wind that blows the leaves. Please don’t cry for me. I don’t want to see you weep. Take with you the lessons I’ve learned throughout my life. Celebrate with me, each precious moment you are given.

When times get hard look around for me, you know I won’t be far. I’ll be that butterfly you see flying around. Have peace in knowing that I never left your side.

As Christmas approaches, please don’t be sad. Carry on my traditions, make me glad. See myself in others; be it a smile, a look or a phrase, we are all connected in some little way.

Through the good times and bad times I will always be there. Through each special moment, I will always be near. Until we meet again, please find solace in others. I am happy here, and in no more pain. My hurting is over, now you can sing.

If I ever did wrong please don’t follow that path. Learn from my mistakes, and remember; stay strong and be glad. I know I will always treasure the life I once had.

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