I'm In a Relationship but I Miss My Ex Girlfriend: I Still Love My Ex Girlfriend but I Have a Girlfriend

If "I miss my ex girlfriend," has become your constant refrain, it is a sign that you need to get on with your life. However hard coping with the depression that follows the end of the relationship can be, you have no alternative but to move forward. Once you are convinced of this, you will be able to take some concrete steps towards the future.

The first thing to do is to close the chapter called your relationship with your ex, which has ended anyway. Hanging on to something after it ceased to exist is as meaningless as holding on to a dead body hoping that it will regain its life! Closing the chapter simply means relieving yourself of the burden of the defunct relationship and moving away. Obviously, you need to stop thinking, "I miss my ex girlfriend."

After you mentally close the relationship by driving out all thoughts of wishful thinking, you should also physically close the relationship. This means returning all her belongings in your possession, and getting back your things in her possession. Monetary transactions should also be squared up. You will find great relief and a sense of unburdening after the mental and physical closures are completed.

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What do you do next? You are likely to be tempted to think that you can still remain a friend of your ex. She may also reciprocate your idea. This seemingly harmless idea can be counterproductive in the long run. Immediately after the closure is completed, you need to be totally away from your ex, at least for some time. Otherwise, the closure will become ineffective. Perhaps, you may meet again after some months or years and may remain life-long friends. But for the present, give time a chance. Do not have any contact or communication with her and if she contacts you, cut her off abruptly. Avoid visiting places, functions etc, where she is likely to be present. Seeing her again may revive feelings of "I miss my ex girlfriend" all over again.

You can even change some of your social habits. If you visit new places and meet new people, you will develop a new enthusiasm for life and the wounds caused by the breaking down of the relationship will heal faster.

When you go to new places, you will meet new people, including some interesting women, who may be good prospects for dates. You will soon stop saying, "I miss my ex girlfriend!"

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No break up can really tantamount to total lack of love. It's not like you're strangers suddenly, but if you decide against connecting then you are very likely to become strangers and once that happens, reconnecting would become more difficult. So apply these guidelines to reunite.

Give your ex space

Mulling time is necessary both for you and your ex to get over the break up and see what caused it and how you could rectify it. Space helps heal the wrong between you. You're ready then to think of making up and reuniting.

Stay in touch

Allowing space does not mean complete lack of contact. You should maintain contact but with longer intervals in between to avoid becoming strangers and closing your avenues to reunite. Besides, you love one another and certainly would long to know that your ex is doing fine.

Let your ex know you're missing them

Do not feel belittled in letting your ex know that you're missing them and wish things were well between you both. That way you're creating the opportunity for you both to voice your feelings for each other and reunite in the near future.

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No need to get overly emotional

Even though it's good that you do express your emotions don't go overboard with the frequency or the lengthiness of the expressions. You need to give your ex sufficient time to reconsider and be receptive to reuniting with you. They have to mentally be agreeable.

Do not be tempted to make your ex jealous

This idea is strongly opposed. If you really want your ex and you to reunite then abstain from making them jealous. That is the last thing you should think of if you do not want to drive your ex off. Instead let them see that you're single and have no intention of dating.

Remember important dates in your ex's life

While you want to maintain connection, it will be relevant to remember important dates in your ex's life. You could follow those up with a gift or flowers, as you deem fit. Or you might like to suggest a dinner out for old times' sake, but steer clear of discussing the issue of your break up.

Invite your ex consider reuniting

Well someone has to broach the subject to make it possible for you to reunite with your ex. Opportunities to arrive at this last stage have been created sufficiently and you both could talk over how best you could improve your relationship if you consider reuniting.

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Relationships are very fragile. In order to make them work it takes a lot of love, patience, understanding and communication. If this were a perfect world that would be all it takes to keep two people together forever. But, sadly enough it isn't. One person may be happy about the relationship ending, while the other person is in misery. If you are the person that is simply distraught over the break up you may wonder what you can do to bring them back. Well if you follow these simple secrets you too may be able to patch things up again and be happy.

Be wrong even if you are right

Try a little humility. It can help smooth things over between the two of you. If you are willing to reach some type of common ground with them, it may build a bond that can never be broken. Sometimes being the bigger person can make things better, even if you know that you were in the wrong.

Go that extra mile... away

Try not to pursue your love so aggressively. The hard you try to bring them back into yourself, the further you might actually push them away. No one wants to be around a pest. So just give them a little space and things should work themselves out.

Party time

Go out and mingle. If your ex discovers that you're out having the time of your life with someone else they will become jealous. When they realize they can no longer be without you they may just try to win you back. So try to have a little fun.

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Where did we go wrong?

If you don't really have a clue why it ended between you to, just ask. Let them know that the best thing for the both of you is some type of closure. Who knows while you all are discussing the matter, you may realize that the break up was foolish in the first place.

Spark up Nostalgia

If you are still on speaking terms with your ex suggest to them that you would like to have a friendly chat. Do not let it be know that you are trying to find a way back into their heart. Once they invite you over, very subtly bring up certain things from the past that the two of you are fond of. Make sure that you only bring up good memories.

I care for you

Sometimes the real reason behind a break up is that the other person did not feel appreciated enough. Why not try to let them know how much they really mean to you. If you express to them how you feel they may reconsider and take you back.

Time is not on your side forever
Execute a plan and act on it. If you wait to long to try to win them back you may end up with no love at all.

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Go out and become active - Go out to parties, social places, and meet people. Go out so much and take many photos so that you can upload these to your profiles as well. Make sure you get photos with other people, and just plain be happy! What will happen now, is your ex will start getting jealous and think you are dating again, but also, he/she will start thinking that you are moving on and forgetting them!

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