I'm Having An Anxiety Attack: How To Come Out Of An Anxiety Attack

Is overcoming panic disorder proving difficult for you? It doesn't surprise me if it is. I struggled to overcome it myself for over 17 years, going right back to when I was a kid. During those 17 years, I found a handful of simple techniques that proved helpful to me, and I'd like to share one of those ideas with you now.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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It's a kind of meditation I used.

The main difference with these meditations, over the standard meditations you may have encountered before, is how quick they are to do. Most advice on meditating will tell you to do it for 20 minutes or more in one sitting. But how many of us have that kind of time or patience?

So I started doing what I called "Mini Meditations."

I would take standard meditations that I learned from books and audio CDs, and I would compress all the techniques into much smaller chunks of time. Overcoming panic disorder was suddenly a lot easier when I started using my "Mini Meditations."

I had 3 different meditations I would use. One was a 60 second meditation, one was a 3 minute meditation, and the other was a 5 minute meditation. With these 3 timeframes I had a "Mini Meditation" to suit whatever situation I found myself in.

The 60 second meditation was great for when I was out in public somewhere. All I had to do was find a quiet space, and in just one minute I was done - and relaxed.

The 3 minute meditation was perfect for times when I was home, but needed a quick fix. I used this one a lot when I was working at my computer. It worked great.

And finally, the 5 minute "Mini Mediation." This was the one I used before bed, or while I was lying in bed. It was great at calming me before I went to sleep, and it helped me a lot.

Overcoming panic disorder is tough, but if you start using simple techniques like the one I've shared with you today, your success will come much sooner than you think.

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First let's get right to the signs of anxiety. There are many signs or symptoms of anxiety, but here are some of the most common...

Unable to relax
Constant worrying
Lump in throat feeling
Sleep problems
Frequent urination

All of us have anxiety, it only becomes a problem when it gets so intense that it interferes with our normal daily lives. When this happens you can have many of the signs above. And to make things worse your anxiety levels can get so high that they can easily trigger panic attacks which are truly frightening experiences. These can occur anytime, anywhere and without warning. The symptoms of panic or anxiety attacks include...

Tightness across chest
Tingling in fingers
Rapid hearbeat
Hot / cold flashes
Feeling of being detached from reality
Feeling you are about to die

As you can see -- and maybe you've already experienced these symptoms -- these are extremely terrifying. So logically you don't ever want a repeat. But here's the thing; that very fear amplifies your already high anxiety levels even more and so triggers off another panic attack, which can happen anytime, anywhere and without prior warning. This is a horrible anxiety cycle that you need to break in order to cure your anxiety.

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Now, you can get prescription drugs for both your general anxiety and your panic attacks. But they do have nasty side effects, dependency issues included. And are they really treating your underlying problem which is your ongoing fear? No, they're just controlling your mood and calming you down whilst you take them. What happens when you come off them? So more and more people with anxiety are now successfully utilizing natural ways to prevent their panic attacks and so get rid of their anxiety.

There are well known herbal and homeopathic home remedies such as Valerian, St. John's wort, Kava Kava, Avena Sativa, Chamomile, Gelsemium, Argentum Nit, Lycopodium, Arnica, etc. Dietary changes and lifestyle adjustments can bring huge benefits too. As well as vitamin and mineral supplements. Daily exercise and learning relaxation techniques are also helpful in calming you down and making you feel less stressed.

But, where does this leave you with your ongoing fear? Because you really need to break out of that anxiety cycle in order to stop the panic attacks that are preventing you from curing your general anxiety. You have to defeat your fear at the emotional level by meeting it head-on and taking back control of your life. Below you'll find a special technique to do that.

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Anxiety attacks are terrifying aren't they? And each one seems to get worse and last longer. No wonder you're searching for ways to relieve those frightening symptoms. And you aren't alone in this by a long shot, since at least 33% of Amercans have had an anxiety attack, along with millions more worldwide.

O.K. just take the medicine and you're anxiety and anxiety attacks (also called panic attacks) will stop, right?

Well, while there's no doubt that drugs such as tranquilizers and antidepressants can help to calm you down and manage your mood, what happens when you come off them? And what about those terrible side effects, including dependency problems? They might address the symptoms, but what about the underlying causes?

Luckily, there are many completely natural remedies for anxiety attack relief that you can use. There are many natural treatments that have been proven to be effective such as, herbal and homeopathic remedies, and therapies such as meditation, self-hypnosis, aromatherapy, behaviour therapy, bio-feedback, even acupuncture, and many more.

But what about during an anxiety attack? How do you get relief then? First you have to remember that anxiety and panic attacks are emotional issues, not physical. So that how you react emotionally during an attack will determine how fast you can relieve it...

First, here's a medical fact: anxiety attack symptoms cannot harm you. This is important, so remember it always. The symptoms are caused by various chemical and hormonal changes unwittingly triggered by your body's own defense mechanism. It has mistaken your high anxiety levels as a sign that you're in physical danger and triggered its 'fight or flight' response, resulting in those terrifying symptoms.

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So at the first signs of an attack, don't panic, repeat to yourself that you're o.k., that you know you won't come to any harm, and that you know that if you stay as calm as you can, the symptoms will pass more quickly.

The next phase is to help your emotional state further by getting back control of your breathing which will be too fast and shallow during an attack. This type of breathing (hyperventilation) produces an in-balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen in our blood. This leads to more intense anxiety attack symptoms producing even more emotional panic.

Breathe in through the nose and out of your mouth, slowly, regularly and deeply. And it's very important to fill and empty the whole of each lung by using your abdomen as well as your chest when breathing. Chest breathing only inflates the upper parts of your lungs.

Finally, you need to realise that by analysing each of your symptoms only increases your fear and panic even more. By doing this you're effectively prolonging the attack and its intensity. So, focus intently on things around you, wherever you happen to be, people, buildings, cars, etc. This is important.

I had found these three techniques to be very effective for relieving anxiety attacks.

But you'll agree that it's better to prevent them happening in the first place, right?

Then guess what single thing is holding back you curing your anxiety attacks for good?

Your fear of having your next one. Yes, your fear of having another panic attack can actually cause it! So you need to get rid of that fear, which has put you into a vicious cycle of... anxiety, attack, fear, more anxiety, another attack, fear, even more anxiety, and another attack, etc.

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There are several symptoms of anxiety disorder. To actually have an anxiety disorder, you don't have to have experienced all of these symptoms. It is important to know what the symptoms are so you can tell if this condition is approaching. However, actually having an anxiety disorder takes more than just experiencing a few of its symptoms. In this article, we will talk about symptoms anxiety disorder causes and when these symptoms constitute a true anxiety disorder.

Symptoms are:

· Constant worry

· A great deal of fear even if you realize this fear is irrational

· The feeling something terrible is about to happen

· Becoming easily unnerved or anxious

· Experiencing unwanted physical sensation that come out of the blue

· Shaking hands when there is no need to be nervous

· Fast beating and heavy pounding heart

· Not wanting to be seen by others because they make you feel uncomfortable

Many of these are symptoms anxious people carry about with them all the time. However, it doesn't take an anxiety disorder to experience some, or even all of these things once in a while. Furthermore, normal people are nervous from time to time and may experience many of these symptoms on a somewhat regular basis.

In other words, sometimes life's experiences bring us to the point where we will become easily unnerved. When this happens, it only takes a sudden noise to make us feel very uncomfortable or very nervous.

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Also, there are times many of us just don't want to mingle with others. This doesn't make us a hermit and it doesn't mean we have any kind of disorder. It simply means we are human and perhaps we are in a bad mood.

Our nervousness and anxiety become a true disorder when we live our lives around them. When this disorder strikes, we no longer have the ability to go through a day in the fashion we used to. This is because our anxiety has brought us to the point that we cannot function normally in society. Perhaps we experience panic or become so anxious in normal situations we are unable to do what we once considered everyday, mundane tasks.

For instance, we fear or are so uncomfortable around people, we are forced to quit a job that requires being amongst people a great deal of the time. This is just one example, but there are hundreds of situations that could make us change our occupations or family situation because of our fears. When this happens we are dealing with an anxiety disorder. However, experiencing some of the symptoms of a disorder is simply normal human behavior.

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