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There are so many essays of Ma-Mahajnan. The first and foremost one is “End in View” which states that she has not come to say, indeed, what has already been said. All those verdicts and judgments, which have remained unsaid, lie far beyond the reach of human genius and intellect, since the day of creation till today. She acquired those things by means of distinct spiritual endeavors along the line of achieving the impossible. Further the world will be all the richer for all times to come by the sale and distribution of this perennial wealth of truth. In accordance with Mother’s objective, all of us call upon each other to be imbued with the primordial truth having unprejudiced minds and looking towards the horizon of knowledge.

In this world when a man has an objective, he feels that everything concerning others is secondary, as it were. For the very same reason, while we attach a measure of weight to our own work, we refuse to attach even a fraction of that to the good and honest work of others though knowing it to be thoroughly earnest. Let that alone; an argument leads to nowhere. Let somebody be serious enough to read carefully from the very beginning: What is Mother’s “End in View” and then give his views or make his comments.

A man with a shaven head is forbidden to go and stand under a wood-apple tree. Whatever is laid down as a rule should be obeyed. Of course, this holds good if reasons are sifted and some essential truth gained. If reasons are found, the wayfarers on the trail of deliverance can not but march along. The human intellect in different ways, goes questioning for peace. Now the question is if the head has a mop of hair, is the blow felt to be any the less severe when a wood-apple drops on it?

Hence do I say whether we make comments or not, all that we harbor in minds are subjected to hair-splitting analysis by the yardstick of Transcendent Knowledge. In the end of this is the only lesson I have to learn—“For a poor man, his tinsel is gold, if lost he will never have it back again.” Does this argument hold good here? Will it do if you hold fast to something? If you do not analyze your innate ideas, by which door will strength enter?

“O dost thou think, we are filled with things that are perishable. / Nothing is there, nothing, nothing absolutely.” All the geniuses waste their time by sucking things of no worth or chewing the cud. Nobody gets the taste of the heavenly ambrosia. So says Ma-Mahajnan “Genius is Basically Knowledge.” What kind of knowledge is that? Surely, not one of delusion or attachment. Obviously, the outstanding characteristic of the “End in View” can be easily guessed at. But the subject of deep realization is—“You will get novelty after your heart.

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Next by way of explaining man’s eternal quest for knowing and understanding things centering on religion, the Transcendent Mother presents a concept of what the real truth is. A chunk of ice obstructs a Ball of Fire—that is to say, a great hindrance in the path of inmost realization. Taking a cue from that, she makes us realize the real nature of truth, by showing degrees, step by step by removing the veils. Thus the Transcendent Mother points to us the path of success. On traversing this small area, this is what we feel convinced about—we try to feel sufficiently aware of how much gap there is and where in the truth coming down from time immemorial.

Religion and Realization” is a step toward successful attainment of absolute truth, effortlessly acquired in connection with Mother’s attempt at teaching the people at large. “If his religious sense happens to be not developed enough, how can you bring its realization home to him!”—So said the Mother herself. The learned one with realistic outlook, great scholars—aren’t your words spoken taking them into consideration? These people understand the thing but still they don’t find it possible to accept that.

Mother: Who are these people who understand?

Prosad: That educated class, eminent persons.

Mother: What do they understand?

Prosad: That this is knowledge.

Mother: To them religion is—that religious sense is undeveloped. So that religious ideas not sharp enough. The religious sense is undeveloped—that is the idea of selflessness.

Once by way of introduction, the Transcendent Mother said this is a simple style. I asked to have its deeper import explained. I found that the so-called-people are described above, felt embarrassed. However, is it not right to have the realization without causing an unnecessary reaction, in a calm and steadfast mood? What does the Mother mean to say? Being everybody’s mother—if she is that mother of both living and non-living, then her judgment and dispensation should, indeed, serve as a solution to problems for all times. Since we have had her without an effort, should we make the mistake of not looking upon her as ‘stern and terrible’? She keeps herself in the background. Is that reason of over-sight on our part?

If we search for it, it appears enormous; if we seek to understand it, it appears vast. Can such a subject be easily conceived? That which has not been done will not be done even today. Lovingly, does she hide away the burden of world’s disability? In the midst of so many counterfeits, there remains that primordial authentic one. Once we go searching, we understand. Alas! We do not possess the power to fight with that.

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