It is 1999, and I am sitting in the consultant's office. He closes my file and looks me straight in the eye. "Yes, you have ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome," he tells me. "I'm afraid there is nothing we can do to help you. You'll always have it, but in time you may be able to manage it. Good luck!"

At the time, I had no idea of the damage this well-intentioned doctor had done with this simple statement. Now, twelve years and a long journey later, I know exactly what he did that day. He imposed a life-sentence on me.

It was not until I understood this, that I was able to take the path back to life and health.

Your Internal Software

Our brains are like computers. They have an operating system which is based on subconscious beliefs and programmes. Such beliefs can either support or undermine a healthy, happy life. So, someone with the subconscious belief 'Life is hard' would experience life in a different way to someone with the belief 'Life is easy and joyful.'

Although most of the time we are unaware of what these beliefs actually are, our whole experience of life is coloured by them. (You should understand that subconscious beliefs are not the same as the conscious beliefs you have chosen, such as religious or political beliefs.)

So, where do we get these beliefs and programmes? Some are inherited with our DNA. Others are from race memory and group consciousness. However, a large proportion of our programming is acquired from our own experiences, especially during the first four years of life. The people who give us this programming are those who are important to us; the most significant being our parents, followed by our siblings, teachers, friends and yes, our doctors.

When we are feeling vulnerable, our minds are particularly susceptible to re-programming because our normal defenses are weakened. Whatever we are told at these times is likely to become a new subconscious rule. When you are ill, and have received a frightening diagnosis, you are very susceptible. The words spoken by your doctor will probably go deep into your mind and be accepted as truth to live by.

So, your doctor has given you bad news: you will never recover. What happens to you now?

Option 1: Accept the new programming

Your subconscious accepts the doctor's statement as truth, and adds it to its operating system. It then begins to write more software based on the new rule: I am weak; I will feel worse every day; recovery is impossible; my immune system no longer works; my life is over. You get the idea!

Every thought, feeling and belief inside us is simply energy. Our physical bodies are also just energy. In the world of quantum physics, there really is no difference. The energy patterns of these beliefs will filter through the layers of your mind and affect the messages sent to your body. Their fear-inducing energy pushes your system into panic mode. Stress hormones are produced. Your immune system weakens. You get more ill.

It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Option 2: Change your software, and change your future

Before accepting the doctor's words as truth, consider the following questions for a moment:

  • Does your body know how to be well?
  • Does it know how to fight infections?
  • Does it know how to convert oxygen into carbon dioxide and release energy from food?
  • Does your body know how to destroy cancer cells?
  • Does it know how to make new bone and repair tissue?
  • In fact, does it have the blueprint and instructions for every single cell, organ and system required for a healthy human life?

The answer is yes!

If your body had this information and used it at any stage of your life, then it can do so again. All that's required is for your brain to start giving the correct instructions.

Think about that for a few minutes.

Are you prepared to be a slave to the limiting beliefs deep within your mind, and let them prevent you from having the life you want?

Whatever beliefs you have been given by your doctors, family and friends about your body and your health, you have it within your power to reject them and make new programmes for yourself. Many reliable techniques exist to enable you to do this effectively. Never forget, the physical world is simply energy. Your thoughts and subconscious beliefs are simply energy. You can use this knowledge to your advantage. You can make any changes you want, once you understand this. It is possible.

After years of suffering with ME, living by the programme my doctor had given me, I made a decision. I decided that a future of illness was not good enough. I chose to reject that programming and get well.

Today I am completely free of ME.

You can do the same thing.

Author's Bio: 

Dr Anne Whitehouse studied at Cambridge University and had a scientific career before ME forced her to re-evaluate her life and change direction. During her return to health, she came to realise that disease is invariably linked with negative mental beliefs, and clearing these roots can be key in long-term health. She is now an author, a healer and transformational therapist. Anne believes that everyone can empower themselves and change their lives by clearing their limiting subconscious beliefs. Her book, "You Are The Alchemist" takes you through this process step by step. Anne runs transformational workshops in the UK. For more information on clearing your negative beliefs and for ThetaHealing downloads go to