There is very little attention given to emotions and feelings in the western world and the role that these play in whether the body is in a place of balance or imbalance. The typical approach is to look at things in isolation and what happens to the body is then a random occurrence.

And while we all have a body and mind, these are often seen as being separate. They are not seen as working together or influencing each other. Through this perspective, the body can be seen as a ‘machine’ that operates randomly and has no reason for becoming out of balance.


At least that was the case, until the whole genetics trend came about. Now, the common reason why the body does what is does, is due to someone’s genetics. So while these are seen as the ‘answers’ one is nothing more than a sitting duck. They have no control or influence over what does or doesn’t happen to their body, genetics do.

Dead From The Neck Down

And while the west has become incredible informed at an intellectual level; when it comes to emotions and feelings, it is a completely different story. This then leads to what is often described as being ‘dead from the neck down’.

Emotions and feelings have become the casualties of the modern day world. They are often seen as a problem or a distraction and are generally ignored; with very little importance given to them.

Two Realties

The body is where feelings and emotions are found; with the mind producing thoughts and ideas. Life is experienced through the body and yet the mind simply observes what is taking place. So the body is life and the mind has ideas about life. This is often described as duality; with the mind being more passive and body being more active.

The mind is no more important than the body; each aspect plays an important part. One of the biggest challenges in the world today is the disconnection between body and mind. Here, one can live completely in their heads and have no awareness of their body.


And one of the biggest reasons for this is that the body is where not only pleasure can be felt, it is where pain can also be felt. The mind will do all it can to avoid pain; this is simply a matter of survival. So this is not a problems per se, it is completely necessary.

What creates problems is when this approach is a way of life; as this will result in one becoming completely cut off from their body. Pain is part of life and therefore can’t be avoided. So what has to take place is the processing of this pain, to stop one from becoming cut off from their body and solely living in their head.

This is something that can take years to occur and is unlikely to happen overnight. But when it does happen, one will not only begin to live in an imbalanced way, they will see life in an imbalanced way.

The Modern Day

So through this happening, one is no longer experiencing life through the body and observing life through the mind; they are simply the observers of life. An internal imbalance has now been formed and this internal imbalance is then projected onto the external world.

Here, the world becomes an example of this imbalance; people are then strictly an effect of life and not a cause. And what is going on in one’s body is simply a mystery

The Mind

The mind has all kinds of defence mechanisms to avoid the body’s feelings and emotions and these are important. For if one was to constantly be in these feelings and emotions, it cause lead to one being overwhelmed.

But when these feelings and emotions are not processed in some way, the mind will have no other option than to disconnect from them. And not only can one end being cut off from their feelings and emotions, they can become alienated from their own body.

Although the mind can then delude itself into thinking these feelings and emotions are no longer there, the body will have something else to say about that.

The Truth

Because even though this disconnection has been created, it is generally not recognised in the mainstream. However, if a lot of people are disconnected themselves, then there is unlikely to be much opposition to this viewpoint.

So if one lives in their head and is cut off from their body, then it will be normal to see things as just happening or being random. And that the causes are out of their control, as to why their body is out of balance.

And the fact that genetics are commonly seen as being the cause of disharmony in the body is not much of a surprise. The mind is external; the body is internal; so the mind will see everything as being out there, when in reality this is simply a projection. If it wasn’t genetics, then the mind would come up with something else.

The Body

To ability to listen to the body and to get in touch with ones feelings and emotions will not be there, if one is stuck in their head. The body’s wisdom and answers will go unnoticed; it could be seen as a lump of meat that just goes wrong for no apparent reason. Other than the fact that one is a victim of their genetics for example and what they do has no effect on their body.

But just because the mind is unaware of one’s feelings and emotions, it doesn’t mean that they have simply disappeared. The body will absorb them and these will end up trapped in ones skin, bones, organs and muscles for example.

Invisible Force

And these emotions and feelings can remain hidden and go unnoticed for many years. Just like how some things in life take time to be built and time to be destroyed. In the short term everything can seem static, but as time goes by, changes will be noticed and they could be sudden.

These emotions and feelings can have built up due to what has happened in ones adult years and go right back to when one was a child, baby and even in the womb itself. And these can put a lot of extra pressure and weight on one’s body. The body is then unable to function from a place of harmony; it is being compromised by feelings and emotions.


Ideally, there would be a much greater awareness of emotions and feelings in the world. It would then be normal to be in touch with them and to processes them when it is necessary. The mainstream education system would educate people on how their emotions work and what can happen if they are not dealt with.

However, at an individual level, one can seek their own answers. This may involve finding a therapist or a healer that will allow one to face their feelings and emotions and release them. Or it could involve learning about emotions through external means such as: reading, taking courses or listening to different audios.

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