Ignoring Ex Girlfriend Who Dumped Me: Ignoring An Ex Girlfriend That Dumped You

Is ignoring your ex girlfriend really the best way to get her back? Many people will tell you this isn't the right approach to take but it does work. If you are a man who is still in love with a former girlfriend and you'd love to get another chance with her, you've probably already tried several different methods to win back her heart. If that's the case, you may just want to try ignoring her. Although this may go against everything your heart and mind is telling you to do, it actually does work. You can reignite her interest in you if you pay less and less attention to her.

The reason why ignoring your ex girlfriend works so well to get her back is simple. After a break up there's one emotion that overpowers all the others. That emotion is the feeling of rejection. It's what you're experiencing right now and it's what drives you to do just about anything to get your girlfriend back. There's a desperation that accompanies rejection and there's only two ways to rid yourself of that feeling. One is to be patient and let time take control until you reach a point where the break up is just a distant memory. The other approach is to try and get your ex back. If you start ignoring your girlfriend, you'll actually be shifting the feeling of rejection from yourself onto her.

It's human nature to want the things we can't have. This starts when we're infants and just gets progressively worse as we age. If you are suddenly completely unavailable to your ex girlfriend, her interest will be kicked into high gear. If she knows you still love her, she'll be expecting you to create a fuss about the break up. She'll be anticipating you calling her and texting her repeatedly in an effort to win her back. If you don't do that, if you suddenly stop contacting her completely, she'll feel a void in her life that only you can fill. You do need to be serious about this though. If you're going to take the route of ignoring her, do it completely. Don't waver and send her a message from time-to-time. Stay strong and stay clear of her. Before you know it she'll be reaching out to talk to you again.

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Men who have used this technique are amazed at how well it works. If you do it right, it will work for you too. Yes, just ignore your girlfriend and get her back. Of course, there is a right and a wrong way to do it. So be sure that you learn to do it the right way if you plan to follow this technique to get your girlfriend back.

The first step in the process as soon as she says that she wants to breakup, is to write her a hand-written note. It need not be very elaborate, but it needs to be handwritten. Just write saying that you agree to the breakup and you too think that a breakup is okay with you. You need to sound calm and collected in your words and not antagonistic or remorseful in any way. This first step alone is enough to throw your girlfriend off balance because this is not what she would have expected. Girls normally expect guys to beg and plead and come after them. The least they expect is the guy calmly agreeing for the breakup.

Once you post the letter, vanish from her life for about 2 to 3 weeks. Literally disappear from her life. She should not be able to see you, talk to you or even mail you. You simply don't exist anymore. Now this could be too much for a girl to bear. This is again something that they are not used to. Guys usually take every opportunity to 'accidentally' bump into them. But here you are, totally absent from the scene. This would keep them thinking about you all day long and inquiring your friends about you.

In the meantime, work on yourself. Take time off to freshen up your mind, cultivate a positive attitude, and correct any flaws that you notice in your character. No matter how good a guy you are, there might still be a few things that might have contributed towards the breakup. Identify and rectify these mistakes in yourself.

Once you do these things over a period of three weeks, you will be a transformed person. The void that you had created in your girlfriend would have also changed her for the better. Now when you finally meet her for the first time after the breakup, things will be totally new and you will be on to a fresh start.

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Ever since you and your girlfriend broke up you've been miserable. You make life unbearable for everyone around when they mention her name, you blow up. So what can you do to get your ex girlfriend back? Start taking care in your appearance and start looking at your problems. Maybe your ex girlfriend left because you stopped taking care of yourself. She may have thought it was her fault you lost interest in how you look, so ended it.

What if the reason your ex girlfriend left you is because you have a loud mouth and are always bragging about how great you are at this and that. If you want to get your ex girlfriend back you need to start being real. Life is too short to be living in your own little world. It can become quite lonely if you don't stop telling people you are something you're not.

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When you first hooked up, you were a gentleman, but later you started being a lout and talking to her as if she was dirt. Know now, she had every right to leave. No one should be treated like dirt especially if there is no reason for it. You also need to figure out why you changed so dramatically. Maybe there's a problem that goes deeper and its a good thing she's not in the picture. It could become abusive. If this is the case, good luck trying to get your ex girlfriend back. In fact don't bother, unless you're prepared to change.

You realize that the reason your ex girlfriend is your ex now because you kept flirting with other girls making her insecure. What are you going to do? You can't see a problem with it. Why? You're just flirting, it means nothing. Well your ex girlfriend thought it meant something that's why she left. The only way you're going to get your girlfriend back is by being upfront and stop flirting.

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You miss your ex girlfriend terribly! You think about her all the time and just wish she was by your side. If you still truly love her and want your ex girlfriend to come back to you, try out a woman's point of view. Men will never get it right.

A woman is usually vulnerable and love to hear things whispered in their ear. Put this in your arsenal of weapons. Call up your ex-girlfriend and take her out to the best restaurant in town. Dress up so she will take notice. She will definitely take notice!

When you get together, genuinely say you are sorry. She needs to know you still love her. Ask for another chance.

Let your ex-girlfriend know that you will not be out looking for anyone else. You love her so much and miss her every day that you are leaving space when she decides to come back. That you are trying to put her out of your mind, but just can't do it.

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Let your ex know you want to be more than just friends. But do not go overboard and act pushy. Just give little hints and let her think about things.

Go out with her and her circle of friends. Show her you will go to places you do not like just for her. Show her that you can be a different person and change in a good way for her. You will cater to her and adore her with love and affection.

She will take notice of all the little things. It will definitely not slide past her! She might start changing her perspective and start doing the same things just for you.

Eventually, you will win her back body, heart, and soul!

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