Our thoughts create our reality so picture the best possible outcomes imaginable. By freeing ourselves to BE the essence of our desired creation, we can learn how to receive and allow all good things to flow to us. Step into BEING, and STOP trying. Figure out the main essence of all that you desire and become that essence. Loving ourselves is the key to permitting ourselves to experience love, joy, bliss, abundance, harmony, and peace in our lives.

As we paint with our imagination on the grand canvas in our mind we allow ourselves the freedom of our divine right…. to create. Dream, imagine, get lost in this flow of creation, as we feel the joy we are becoming the creator being that we are. Simple dreaming, as a child and as we get excited about the experience coming to us, we realize who we truly are.

We can allow problems, worry, stress, dramas and traumas to leave our life… we give them permission. We are receiving as much as we are allowing into our life. We can embrace receiving everything we want, having our lives work, and being happy or we can feel guilty about it and push it away. It is time to release emotions, attachments, and beliefs that no longer serve us. Following our heart and loving ourselves is the passage to the 5th dimension.

As we release and surrender to this greater all knowing force we naturally drift into the flow. We no longer cling onto the edges the stream, we trust, release, and surrender, traveling with the current. Love is all there is - Love is everything love I am.

How much do we actually desire a 5th dimensional existence? To obtain growth, we must desire it and desiring a higher purpose is a good thing regardless of what we have been lead to believe. At some point in our evolution, desire disappears and we just are, we become the essence of it, we own it. That is the state of Isness. Until we reach that state we can use desire as a tool, focus on what we love and become the vibration. As long as we are open-minded, emotionally flexible and trust in the universe, we can experience growth with joy rather than struggle. As we increase our vibration, things take less time, less energy and just keep on getting better and better.

As we desire the freedom of the higher dimensions we call into action an ancient emotion from with in us, Like a song that begins to sing in a higher resonance, from our core, it vibrates out from us, changing the landscape, like the sun moving from behind the clouds the light moves across our reality, warming our experiences with new understanding. All things are birthed from the desire to become more it is our natural way of being.

Affirmations can move us into being the essence of the reality we desire in every area of our lives. We can grow in this instance by affirming our experience of the qualities we desire and choose to be. Affirmations work by reprogramming our belief system to accept these new beliefs as our reality.

Light beings…. For millions of years we have affirmed our without ness for the experience it brought to us. Today… we take a stand with our self to affirm our grandness… to awaken the greatness with in us all, the joy, the love, the light that we are. I am, I am, I am … I am the eternal everlasting light that shines through me, I am life in its full expression and glory, I am the creator of all things in my life, I am the freedom of my choices, I am the source of all that is that flows through me and all around me. I own my life … I am, I am, I am, so be it

Be in the NOW moment. Recognize the miracles and magic experienced in the present moment. In every now moment we can be in a higher state of consciousness. We may warble into fearful thoughts but as we grow we move through these states more rapidly. We will experience more frequent moments in a state of clarity, purpose and direction. Our insights grow and we experience more coincidences, telepathic connections, and flashes of inner knowing.

Free of the past free of the future, now is the moment. Now is the time … Now is eternal. And oh so Divine In the now we are free to be who we are, to be the dream of the experience we next wish to become. The light and love from the central sun moves through us unencumbered when our minds are still and quiet. Surrender in the now, surrender to the now, Surrender to the truth of who you are, you are a light being experiencing the everlasting Now.

Igniting growth comes from accepting and loving ourselves in this now moment. Some believe this will happen once we are perfectly evolved but the truth is, we are already perfect. We can start seeing ourselves as good now and acknowledge all the moments in which we really like ourselves, make ourselves right rather than wrong. Growth is not something we have to work hard for; we can simply stay with our process, loving everything that happens to us as part of our growth. Remember, the Universe is perfect, and everything that happens is perfect.

Loving self is the key that opens the door to higher realms. For when you love self you love source and when you love source you love self. As the ancient circle of love completes within us all we are able to see that which was closed off to our eyes. The harmonic resonance of love lifts the vale and balance is restored, we see the glowing truth behind all things… we are all one with all things.

As we listen to our loving voice within, it guides us to release old patterns that are not furthering us and moves us in the direction we need to go. Our inner guidance is always leading us to our highest potential, and is ready to provide us with all the best we could ever wish for. We all deserve to have a wonderful life; just as the sun nurtures nature, our inner guidance provides us with the inner essence of the grand life that awaits us. Making a commitment to value our vibration is the grandest gift we can give the world and ourselves since “We are all one!”

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We are Twin Flames, Erica and Dwaine and we bring a simple and grounded approach to spiritual enlightenment. We have started the Human Harmonics Project which is a movement of people doing their part to change the emotional state of the world from a fear based reality to one of light and love. We have dedicated ourselves to this mission, leaving full-time professions of 25 years (Erica worked as a Psychotherapist and Dwaine as a Hypnotherapist).

Through co-creating with musicians and artists throughout the world we create videos (http://www.youtube.com/user/harmonicutopia), radio shows (live and archived shows can be accessed here: http://harmonicutopia.com/TwinFlamesRadioShow/TheTwinFlamesonblogtalkrad...) and currently we are finishing our 1st book called: Value Your Vibration. The Human Harmonics Project is world-wide human co-creation.

On our website (http://www.harmonicutopia.com) we are creating and implementing effective ways people can easily change their emotional state from fear to love to manifest their own Utopian life's Project. We have courses, speaking engagements, workshops, and personal sessions to assist people in the process of emotional alchemy (moving from fear to love based reality). All we ARE is LOVE and we are all ONE.

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