Jobs - the-drag-myself-to-office task
If you are dragging yourself off bed each day, your legs seem heavier when you get in the car and drive seem so slow; getting off your butts to reach office seem so difficult and a heavy sigh rings your head as you force your bum on your office chair - is time to wake up and THINK.

Am I doing what I am supposed to do?
You are supposed to work for a REASON. That reason should not be just for salary. Oh yea, I read your article that I should have a reason - so my reason to work is for my family. If you say quit my job, what are they going to eat!?

Well, it is very easy to first ask a question such as "What am I going to eat if I quit?" but the answers to that question is a load of opportunities out there. We are living in a world where globalization massively sweeps us, everywhere in the world is flat and we are now heading to a borderless globe. Why confine yourself to a drag-yourself job?

What are my options?
If you have a positive mental attitude and are prepared with at least 6 months expenses in your savings, QUIT your job if you hate it, even if you still have not got a new job yet. So, if you are not prepared, do save up a substantial amount of expenses so you can really quit your job.

If you have that mindset to one day quit your job anyway, then you will realize that you work with changed attitude. First, you do not have that "I desperately need this job" attitude which in turn made you a slave to your job. You free yourself from that desperate need and slowly find you will work for passion.

Then, once you quit your job - find pieces of yourself. You have broken yourself in pieces with that job from hell so go for a holiday, massage or spa to relax and regain yourself. Find yourself and understand yourself better. Relook at your deep passion - something that you have interest in since school days. Some ambitions you have set twenty years ago or a goal you have not reached for five years.

Work on that passion - develop the skills, spend all your time as you would in a job to relearn, study and sharpen those skills. Remember that these newly amassed skills should also be making money for you! Not just something you do but without income.

Opportunities are EVERYWHERE
Quitting your job will allow you more time - imagine another extra 1/3 of the day back to you! - to think for yourself and lookout for opportunities. Many people who once hated their jobs said that they quit too late and they should have taken that bold step earlier. 98% of the people who quit their job for a change are all worried about what the future lies ahead but 99% of them agree that quitting a job they hate is the right choice.

We are living in a world where a JOB is not the only way to make money for a living. With Internet, more money is being transacted online than offline in the magnitude of hundreds of times larger. There are business opportunities namely the network marketing which allow affordable ways to start a small franchise-like systems business. Many people have succeeded in these businesses and internet marketing.

Be Open Minded
When you are without a job, and desperately need money, this could transform you to look for opportunities. In other words you are forced to be open minded to accept and try every opportunity that comes your way. By all means try and test things that really interest you. Build it and if it is successful, repeat and duplicate it. If it is not, say “NEXT!”

What is the WORST thing that could happen?
Many people after reading thousands of articles advising that a job from hell is not a way of life, they still do not take actions. Fears are always larger than their dreams - one psychologist said. To these people, ask yourself, "What is the worst thing that could happen?" Worse come to worse, you can get a new job to survive while focusing on your new venture or businesses. Many people start new ventures part time and eventually go full time when their new ventures take shape.

While the statistics may say that 90% of businesses fail within a year and the odds are against you, always remember that you have great opportunities to be the top 10% if you TAKE ACTIONS. If you do not take actions at all, possibility of you staying in a job from hell is high and do you want this job for the rest of your life?

Take ACTIONS to SkyRocket your success!

I will SkyRocket MY Success!

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