On a scale of 1 – 10, how emotionally fulfilled do you feel in your relationships?

Like everything else in our lives, the first port of call for our personal wellbeing has to be with ourselves.

So, how do we affectionately nurture ourselves?

To be emotionally content and happy within ourselves, the first requirement for us to know is that we are absolutely, a good person.

We all have regrets for past, not so good decisions; some of us carry guilt for things we wish we had done differently, but it’s time to take stock and do a reality check on who WE really are as a person in this world.

Answer these questions-

Do you intentionally go around hurting others?

Are you a vicious murderer or terrorist?

Are you someone who has no respect for children?

If you answered NO to these questions, then,


And, the bottom line is that is the most important thing any of us needs to know about ourselves!

From that position, everything else can be sorted out, even if you need to get some professional help to do that.

Counselling changes lives for the better. It can reframe your thinking to help you let go of past regrets, shame, bitterness, legacies from the past which are sabotaging your happiness today and in the future.

If you need help to like yourself again and move forward in your life, help is there for you.

When you’ve cleared the baggage, then you are ready to affirm yourself and your life in a consistently positive way.

It’s not rocket science – to feel happy, write down a list of things that you know make you happy and give yourself permission to do those things!

Take time for yourself in your life. Look at your talents and start exploring them.

Are you honouring the gifts you’ve been given or are you hiding them away in a cupboard going through the motions of life, but not enjoying your own uniqueness!

I once wrote a poem on this subject called –

“Don’t Crack Up, Get Cracking!”

It’s good advice. If you deny yourself the joy of becoming your “best possible self”, then you also rob those who love you and the rest of your world of the contributions you can make when you come from that position.

Check out who you are today!
If you need to make some changes or you need to get help to make some changes, get it!

Don’t wait. Don’t stay miserable –
Step up to the plate and see what you are capable of.

Challenge yourself to be your “best possible self” by being “your own best friend” and support and nurture yourself to this end by being as kind to yourself as you would be to your best friend.

Only when you love and respect yourself can you truly love and respect anyone else.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, find your love and bring it back to its source-
bring it back to its source-

Aileen Smith, Therapist. www.aileensmith.com.au

Author's Bio: 

Aileen Smith is one of the most sought-after therapists on Queensland's Gold Coast.
She has operated her very successful private practice as a Psychotherapist at Paradise Point. With extensive experience on the Gold Coast in Relationship Counselling, Grief Counselling, Trauma Counselling, Anxiety Counselling, Abuse Counselling, Addiction Counselling, Self Esteem and Personal Development Counselling, Aileen has helped thousands of families and individuals across South East Queensland. She has written 2 eBooks -"How to Recover from a Broken Heart." and "How to Find Your True Love."

Aileen has also written many original works for children including CDs of theatre and song as well as a personal growth CD "Let's alk About Feelings." www.aileensmith.com.au