Being an entrepreneur is work. There I said it. I didn't say "hard work" but it is work any way you slice it. To keep it going, it had better be rewarding, right?

Recently I had a day in which I registered two people into a coaching program. Each had been connected with me for some time via my newsletter, etc. Each was scared to take the step. Each was making a decision based on faith. Each was putting their trust in me, and my gifts.

At the end of each conversation I was so deeply moved and joyful that I could support those individuals in making a decision to change their life. They each had a particular goal in mind, which is exciting. I could see the bigger picture - the ripple effect that having that goal will have in their life. I was thrilled for them, and for me.

How excited do you get when you make a "sale" in your business?

If you are not excited (or you are not making sales) maybe you are coming from the wrong place in your business. Maybe you're missing the point. Or maybe you're in the wrong business (for you).

Be thrilled about your purpose

Let me share a recent example. I work with a business owner who is an absolutely brilliant social media strategist. When I began working with her, if I had asked her the purpose of her business, she would have said something like, "I help people to create fan pages for their business on Facebook." (There would have been more than that, but that was the gist of it.) As she started to own her true gifts, it would have changed to something like, "I am a social media expert, I help people to really share their business online."

This is a little more powerful. But when we started to look at why she does what she does, why it is important to her and her clients, her purpose became, "I empower people to reinvent their lives and experience success, one online connection at a time."

This gets to the heart of why she does what she does - for her and for her clients. When her clients learn to really connect online, they are not limited by constraints of location, or working for someone else. They can create what they want and connect to whom they want. The ripple effect of this on her clients and the people in their life is clear. The thrill of making a sale then becomes clear. Can you see the difference?

It's not about the transaction (this usually makes us feel desperate). It's not about a product (you offer more than a product). It's about the transformation.

Thrilled for you and them.

On the flip side, often us heart-centered entrepreneurs can get so excited about the transformation for our clients we forget about what's in it for us. The true win-win is what will sustain you. Be thrilled for yourself and the difference it makes in your life to get paid for your brilliance, and thrilled for your clients and the outcome they have just invested in. That will keep you moving and eliminate struggle.

If you don't get completely jazzed up when you sell yourself, go back to why you do it. If that doesn't get you going, consider a change.

Author's Bio: 

Darla LeDoux is a Certified Professional Coach, "recovering engineer," owner at Doux Coaching, and creator of Destination: Sweet Spot. She is fueled by a passion for people being who they truly are, exactly as they are, in business and in life, living in their sweet spot. In the sweet spot one uses their unique combination of gifts, talents, and passions to have maximum impact in the world, and make money doing it!

After spending 15 years in "successful" careers working for others - product development engineering, marketing, and education - the things she thought she "should" do to be successful, Darla found the courage to step into her sweet spot and follow the desires of her heart, and guides others to do so, while bypassing the 10 years in the self-help aisle!

Darla works with entrepreneurs who have tried doing life and business the "right" way, and are now ready to listen to that deep inner knowing and discover what is Truth for them. She helps them to get clear about the business they are really in, and to create targeted packages, programs, and connection strategies to attract and convert ideal, high-paying, clients with ease.

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