It is often said that Epididymitis is easy to occur in middle-aged people. Because of the common disease, epididymitis also occurs in young people, so it is particularly important to take good care of the disease. Let's see how to take care of epididymitis in young people.

1. Symptomatic care

In the treatment process, we should pay attention to the age and the severity of the disease to choose the appropriate drugs. For example, for acute epididymitis, antibiotics can be used. The selection of antibiotics should be determined by bacterial culture and antimicrobial susceptibility tests.

For chronic epididymitis, we need to choose traditional Chinese medicine for treatment, such as herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It repairs the damaged tissues, wipes out toxins to restore your reproductive system. Meanwhile, it improves your immunity and self-healing ability, builds up a defense against bacteria and infections, to prevent this disease from reoccurring again. Moreover, it can not only eliminate the symptoms gradually but also cure the condition from its root causes.

During the treatment, we should pay attention to the change in the condition, like whether there is an allergy to drugs, drug eruption, liver damage, and leukopenia. We should check the liver function and blood routine regularly. When using herbal medicine, we should pay attention to the dose of the drug and the taboo in the process of taking medication.

2. Mental care

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that people's mental state is closely related to the internal organs and Qi and blood of the body. Patients who are full of spirit and open-minded have a better curative effect, but on the contrary, they are worse. Therefore, in nursing care, we should pay attention to the patients, talk with them more, understand their state of mind, and guide them to put down their doubts.

3. Diet care

Diet should be based on the principle of high calorie, high protein, high vitamin, proper fat and sodium salt intake, and less spicy and irritant food. Food should be soft and easy to digest, abundant in nutrition. Do not eat high iodine food, such as kelp, laver, jellyfish, seaweed and algae food, to prevent hyperthyroidism control: no smoking, no drinking, strong tea and coffee.

4. Complications care

There are many complications of epididymitis. Epididymal tuberculosis usually occurs. It mainly occurs when the kidney has pathological changes and patients typically have frequent urination or hematuria. Patients with epididymitis may also have complications of semen cysts, which will have no swelling or pain when touching or pressing. Seminal vesiculitis may also occur when dysuria usually occurs. Complications may also be chronic prostatitis. So, when they get epididymitis, they should learn to observe symptoms and take active treatment to avoid complications.

Epididymitis is a kind of disease that needs a long time of nursing and treatment. Epididymitis can also be classified as chronic and acute. Regardless of what kind of it is, patients should do a good job of timely diagnosis and treatment, enhance the confidence of epididymitis treatment, and recover as soon as possible.

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