“Those that are succeeding and are thrilled and joyful in the unfolding will often tell you, ‘I've dreamed this since I was little. I imagined it, I pretended it, I used to practice with the hairbrush pretending it was a microphone.’ Purity is the alignment of energy. Doesn't matter what anybody else thinks about anything. It only matters what you think about it.”
--- Abraham

Being successful at anything is not necessarily easy, though it can feel effortless at times if you are holding a powerful vision. What I am finding as I work more and more with inspired and motivated entrepreneurs is that they have been cultivating the skills that can make them successful for years.

However, so many entrepreneurs do not receive the support they could use from friends and family (though many do) and are often discouraged from stepping into the fullness of their purpose by those who mean well, as they warn about the “weak economy.” You must believe in yourself, and it helps immensely to have others that do.

Quitting is Not An Option

If you want to succeed, you do what it takes. Quitting is not an option. You work a day job until you don’t have to. You save for years if need be, but you keep your eye on the bigger picture of what you want to bring to the world. You sell your house and invest in a mentor (I did this and it is not for everyone, obviously!)

John Assaraf says, “When you are interested, you do what’s convenient; when you are committed, you do whatever it takes.” From my years as a couple’s therapist, I know how true this is. In fact, I often told the following story to clients, when I could see that they were unable to close the exits:

A young couple comes to a rabbi, very much in love, and tell the rabbi all the reasons why they want to marry. They share with him the beautiful and inspiring vows they have crafted to convey their deep love. They ask him if he will perform the ceremony and marry them.

The rabbi tells them that he truly sees and feels the deep love they have for each other, but that he is unable to perform the ceremony. Shocked, they ask why. He tells them that if they include the clause about being able to leave each other gracefully should things not work out, he cannot bless their union because if they enter into their marriage with such an exit in place, they will not remain long enough to reap the rewards of having worked through the difficulties that would allow their love to flourish.

Success Could Be Around the Next Corner

It is that way for entrepreneurs much of the time. They love what they do, but they are not 100% committed. As one of my mentors says, it is the difference between being a “HO” and a “BO”---a hobby owner and a business owner.

There is so much to learn. There are those incessant inner demons telling you that you are not good enough, or that what you have to offer is not of sufficient. There is the significant investment in the beginning to get up and running, and when the clients don’t show up, so many get disheartened and give up, when success could be around the next corner.

Discipline is Remembering What I Want

It is at times like this that you must remember what it is that you truly want. You must send out “rockets of desire” and be grateful for the powerful co-creative energy you have to fulfill your dreams.

When you do this, you will find that there are immediate results within you, and often, very tangible results on the outside as well. This sets up a vibration that aligns you with success, which is to attain what you want.

I have had this sign in my office for nearly 20 years, reminding me to remain focused on what it is that I want, rather than on the obstacles to my desires. In a sense, you must become a disciple of what you truly want. You honor and follow it with sincerity and focus.

Clarity and Passion are Key

Sometimes it is the lack of clarity that holds you back from what you want. You send out a mixed message to the Universe that interferes with your ability to attract what you want. This shows up for entrepreneurs when they are not crystal clear about their ideal clients and about the value of what they offer.

Alignment is everything, and you must be clear what you are aligning with. Your soul has a purpose. Your inner purpose is to awaken, as it is for everyone on the planet, and your outer purpose can change over time. It evolves as you do, and you must be able to allow for that unfoldment, or you will find yourself stagnant.

Gay Hendricks calls this hitting an “upper limit” in his amazing book, The Big Leap. You know you have reached that point when you lack passion for what you are doing. When there is not passion, it is hard to be in alignment, and thus hard to attract clients.

Fast Track to Enlightenment

I have found that being an entrepreneur is a very fast track to enlightenment, which is really about shining your light. You must face your fears and do it anyhow. You have gifts that must be shared, and it is a divine imperative to do so.

We are all in this together!!!!!

Author's Bio: 

Kathleen Hanagan is a licensed psychotherapist, ordained shamanic priestessand wisdom keeper, intuitive coach, and international speaker and workshop presenter, who helps heart-centered entrepreneurs, creatives, healers and evolutionaries get crystal clear about their message and claim their brilliance, so that they can attain their highest destiny, without betraying their hearts. With Kathleen as your guide, you will create a life of genuine prosperity which includes intimacy, health, wealth, and a sense of total alignment with your soul.

She is the creator of the Radical Radiance™ Marketing System, and the Radical Radiance™ Blueprint, which integrate deep spiritual principles into down-to-earth practices, in business and in life. Unlike other success and business coaches, Kathleen activates the power and the beauty of each person’s soul, which allows for the release of fear and doubt, and brings forth the most sacred, sexy and sovereign qualities needed for the fulfillment of their mission.

Kathleen had a thriving psychotherapy practice for 21 years, and built a 6-figure business through public speaking and word of mouth. She understands firsthand the struggle that spiritually minded people often face as they step into the world of business. If you are called to have a bigger impact in co-creating the New Economy, and assist in the planetary shift from the love of power to the power of love, contact Kathleen at Get Started.