Yes, Fran Drescher is a beautiful woman, but when she opens her mouth to speak, it is hard to take her seriously. If you are hoping to meet the man of your dreams, have you ever considered what your speaking voice is saying about you? Do you sound nasal and high-pitched or whiny and irritating when you speak? If so, then your words will not be quite as inviting as you may think.

Demi Moore, Cher, Kate Beckinsale, Ashley Judd, and Julia Ormond have voices that match their beauty. Each one of these voices is warm and, given the right tone, can be very, very sexy.

You have a better voice inside of you that is just waiting to be discovered. It will be deeper in pitch, warmer in quality, and resonant. You will sound more mature but not old. Just mature. If you presently sound like a 12-year-old and you are over 21, do not think he is attracted to you because of your voice. He is not.

Women wonder why men do not listen. They do listen; however, if you sound like a shrew, a child, or Fran Drescher, how long do you think you will hold his attention or his interest? What if you are soft-spoken and he constantly asks you to repeat yourself? If he can’t hear you, he may find someone who he hears the first time she speaks!

Maybe you show no emotion when you talk. If your voice displays little color in this regard, then he may think that the rest of you is boring as well. Speaking in monotone is not an asset. It is a liability, not just in your personal life but in your professional life as well.

Your voice speaks volumes about you. What is yours saying? If you find your voice on your answering machine or on your voicemail embarrassing or less than flattering, maybe you should consider making the change. As much as we women find a deep voice sexy in a man, so, too, do men prefer a deeper voice in a woman. It is indeed a turn-on.

Looking at the list above of Moore, Cher, Beckinsale, Judd, and Ormond, all of these voices are deeper in pitch than you will find in the average women. And, each one of these 5 voices can be very, very hot given the right tone. Unfortunately hot is not a word that comes to mind when you listen to Fran Drescher talk!

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