…write to me and escape!

Well, I am sure Rupert Holmes had a fun time writing that song (“Escape”); but what do you fantasize about in your own life? Where does your mind drift to “escape”? How do you de-stress your daily life?

Some of you may feel so overwhelmed at day’s end that you are ready to find a cave and hide in it. But that does not really de-stress your life. That just makes you feel an even greater sense of urgency to run away from it. So what do you do to really escape the boredom, the monotony or the challenges of your life?

Sometimes, the best way to combat challenges and trials is not to run away from them, but rather to face them head on. You can do this each morning by preparing yourself for whatever comes your way. You do this by planting the appropriate seeds in your mind to make the best of any situation. What are the seeds that have been planted in your mind, in your heart that need to be watered by you so they don’t dry up and rot? If you have a goal that you have wanted to achieve, do you simply allow your thoughts to evaporate into thin air? You must believe in new possibilities from the moment that you awake until the time you go to sleep at night. Yet to take this a step further—even in your sleep you must believe in all your possibilities –in other words, it is 24/7.

Manifesting Inner Peace

In order for you to actually materialize your dreams, you have to dream big and nurture those dreams day in and day out. When you do, you enhance your potentiality in everything that you encounter. The other part of that equation is that you must always practice patience. Rome was not built in a day. It will not only take persistence, but it will also take personal discipline to awaken yourself to the inspiration and motivation that you need to acquire for your personal “escape” and the sacredness in everyday living.

If you feel like you must run away from your problems, immerse yourself in the things that you find most joyful – whether that is playing the guitar, sculpting, writing or just being in nature, it is through these actions that we find solace and countenance to appreciate the beauty and profoundness of our Inner Self. This in turn, leads to the pathway of an “escape” and more importantly, to real resolve.

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