If You Know How to Arouse Curiosity, You Win the Prize
• 1. Science tests, everybody else – guesses without proof. If you want super success in school & your career, do the research.

• 2. We tested ‘Subject Lines’, the email “message” we all use to decide if we Delete-or-Read. Ten-thousand decisions later we learned that “curiosity” is the moving-force.

• 3. “Facts tell, while ‘curiosity’ sells.” In deciding to open or delete an email, the Subject Line causes us to lean-in and pay attention, or roll on to the next.

• 4. Ninety-one percent opened (then clicked-through) these two email Subject Lines. We test a dozen, two won the prize.

• 5. “Wanna Know What Warren Buffett said about Speed Reading?”

• 6. “Interested in What Bill Gates really believes about Speed Reading?”

• 7. Ok, why do we care? Answer: first, these ‘top-guns’ have access to more knowledge and experts than we do. Second, they’re rich beyond the dreams of avarice, so they get the best of food, drink and information.

• 8. Third, subconscious “cause-and-effect”. If I follow their example, maybe I’ll be rich & successful.

• 9. Call me crazy, but I like stuff that “rhymes”, because the brain instantly remembers it by “association”, and “mental-imagery.” It creates a “picture” in our mind.

• 10. “We used one, “Facts tell, Curiosity Sells.” Check this out and see if you can remember them quickly.

• 11. a) “Where your Attention goes, Energy flows.”
b) “True-Grit, No-Quit.”
c) “Cells that fire together, wire together.”
d) “What your mind can conceive, and believe, it can

• 12. “Great, but there’s no rhyme in the “Warren or Bill” opening lines?”

• 13. “Doesn’t need it because both names are embedded in your long-term memory as monster celebrities. What celebrities say is “automatically” accepted as gospel.

• 14. “If you read as a title of a book, headline, or subject line of an email, “Michelle, Malia & Sasha Obama are studying Speed Reading”, would you want to know more?”

• 15. The core of “curiosity” is at a subconscious level. It’s on “auto-pilot” meaning “instinct”. We all follow-the-crowd, which is our evolutionary brain using “herd-instinct”.

• 16. “Collective-Wisdom about ‘danger-and-safety’, ‘good- and bad, and knowledge-or-ignorance.

• 17. Curiosity is from Latin, meaning careful. Synonyms are: eager to know or learn, and inquisitive. Curiosity offers us the benefit of the experience of others, so we succeed more. “Curiosity may have Killed the cat, but it can save your life.”

• 18. For Brainiacs: V-A-K – whatever you want to learn and remember permanently, hit these three-senses. Visual (see it as you write it), Auditory (say aloud or hear mentally), and Kinesthetic (sense of touch, type or write it).

• Endwords: “Turn-on, Tune-in, and Tap-in” both the left and right hemispheres of your brain. V-A-K stores new knowledge into your Long-term memory – permanently.

See ya,

Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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Bernard Wechsler, educational director,
My business partner was Evelyn Wood, creator of speed
reading.Graduated 2-million, including the White House staffs
of four U.S. Presidents. See interview with Jimmy Carter
on www.speedreading101.org