Santana gave new meaning to the rock music. Santana was not only a rock singer but he was a penchant guitarist too. His songs not only impressed the generation but also gave entire new direction to the rock music. Carlos Augusto Alves Santana was born in Mexico. He was basically a guitarist. His love for music propelled him to start singing and to compose music. Santana was the name of his rock band, which was the result of the sheer hard work; pout on by Santana over the years in creating it. Alves Santana was the pivotal singer and guitarist of this band. This band pioneered jazz, salsa, rock and other fusion music.

This rock band presented very different genre of music. It brought experimental music in the rock world. The most enticing fusion music, which this band created, is fusion of Latin and American rhythm based on guitar lines. He used instruments like timbales and congas, which were hardly used in rock music. This fusion of instruments and different rhythm created new genre of music. Santana music was quintessential of its own genre. Over a long time such music was worked on by Santana. Fame did not come early to Santana. He constantly worked for it. His music career tasted the big fame during 1990’s, when his band won series of critical acclamation and applauds from every corner of the world.

This band was created in the year 1960. Santana was always a lover of music. His 1966 song ‘soul of sacrifice’ which was performed at Woodville festival, presented this band on the global platform. This song snatched the global limelight, from here onwards Santana was perceived as one of the most influential band in the world. After the success of this song, the band never looked back. It signed series of contract with CBS record, which was then a major music company. His band started producing fusion rock music for a short period too.

During 1970’s Santana, changed his style of music. Form hard core fusion band, it shifted towards spiritual music. Santana was highly influenced by the orchestra of Mahavishnu and its leading guitarist John Mac Laughlin. Santana was further introduced to Guru Chinmoy, who further influenced Santana towards spiritualism. Santana over the time developed spiritual bent of mind and his music started showing the same. During 1970’s his band started creating spiritual music like ‘Bitches Brew’. During this time Santana formed entirely new band, with new members in it. Armando Peraza, chepito area, dough Rauch, Michael Shrieya, Tom coster and Richard Kermode, all these were active new members of the new band Santana.

His band took a U –turn during 1990s with commercial rock music. This was the surge phase of Santana’s music career; Santana started producing rock fusion again. The band started attracting mass populace towards its rock. It was during 2000, Santana band achieved its peak by bagging major awards. It was awarded eight Grammy, the highest honor of the music world and three Latin American awards. With such major music, Santana once gain got its lost fame.

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