The other day, I was thinking about the moments in my life when I have had setbacks and what has often gone through my head when this has taken place. When I think about what happens, it’s a bit like I’m in one season.

During this time, and irrespective of what season it is, part of me usually believes that this is how it will always be. It can’t accept that the current season will soon pass, only to be replaced by another season.

The Similarity

In the same way, when I have a setback, part of me often believes that this is just how it will always be. This part can’t accept that my life will change, providing I don’t get too caught up in what has taken place and that I take the right steps.

One way of looking at this would be to say that my emotional self gets caught up in what was taking place, while my rational self can see that this is just a stage of my life. This would be an oversimplification, though, as both of these parts also express the views that are the complete opposite.

Over to You

So perhaps you have just experienced a setback and this has knocked you down, even right down. It could to your career, your finances, your relationships, your health or something else entirely.

You are then going to be in a different place to where you were a few days or weeks ago. You may have been in a good place, if not on top off the world, and now, you could feel very low.

One Big Challenge

What you did with ease before could be a struggle and you may be in survival mode; not having the energy, let alone the desire, to do anything. To make matters worse, there could also be a voice in your head that is laying into you.

You may have realised for quite some time that this setback would take place or maybe it appeared to come out of nowhere. Either way, your life is the way that it is and part of you, if only a small part, won’t want it to stay this way.

An Analogy

One way for you to look at what has taken place would be to imagine that a wood house has been built on a volcano. Let’s say that it has been blown down by the wind and it is now a heap of wood.

But although it looks like a mess on top, it still resides on a volcano that has immense power. In the same way, while your ‘house’ may have fallen, deep within you is the power that you need to gradually rebuild it.

How Can I Serve You?

The main thing is that you don’t get too caught up in what is currently taking place or give up on yourself and take the steps that you need to move forward. If you can relate to what I have written and need additional support, one of the ways that I can provide this is through the personalised consultations that I offer via Skype or Zoom.

To find out more, please go to If you are committed to your own healing, it would be an honour to assist you on your journey.

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