You already own the greatest reading acceleration device that has ever been developed. It is simply your hand that will help you read faster. People have spent thousands of dollars attempting to increase their reading speed. But no inventions or machines can do what your hand and your pacing finger can do for you to improve your reading speed -- once youve been trained in our 4 special techniques.

Did you know that your eyes jerk around, looking and searching, bouncing here and there while you are 'trying to read'. That can make reading a very trying experience. Your eyes tend to fixate for a moment or two and then move on again causing you wonder what's going on here. Does this sound like you?

Does this sound familiar? This is because untrained readers go through something called, regressions. When you regress, or go back over what you've read, you just 'try' to read but don't get anywhere. I will personally teach you, how to control and accelerate your coordination for speed reading. We call it pacing. And it's only one of the ways we teach you to read faster in Speed Reading in Only One Hour

You'll do you best on exams by having a study environment that is optimum for study. focused lighting, arranged study area, with books and materials arranged. Computer turned on for research or input of information, nature sounds or baroque music, and total privacy. Stay away from problems - study with music with words, TV, sisters or brothers or lovers, and for god sake - stay away from alcohol and drugs because the muddy the mental abilities with a perfectly created study space in the information will go in properly and easily be retrieved.

Now you've set the stage for a successful learning process, using all the tools that we provide in Speed Reading in Only One Hour, you'll learn to enjoy your newly found ability to read, retain, recall - a great experience.

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Dr. Jay Polmar, the founder of , taught classes in colleges and universities for 16 years.