Those who this is written for, will recognise it ;)

It's like being in a room where you feel trapped, and you can see a window, and you're sure you could get through it, but it has bars on it. So you try and bend the bars but they won't budge.

So you look around on the floor, searching for something to help. Then you see a saw, and you're so excited - the saw must be for the bars. So you start working day and night, sawing at those bars, and you put everything into it, and you believe. And then the saw breaks. And you're devistated. And you're desperate to get out. You feel like you'll suffocate if you stay there any longer.

And someone outside the window tells you that what you need to do is to lie down on the bed and sleep. But you cannot see how that's going to help you get out of the room. Lying down on the bed is not going to bend those bars! Lying down on the bed is not going to break those bars, or make the window any bigger.

So you look around near the window again, looking for another way to get rid of these bars. And you try and figure out if there's something else you can do to bend them or break them.

And then, someone puts a crowbar through the window. And you're so grateful! And so you start trying to bend the bars with the crowbar. And again you work day and night, you put all your energy and focus into it and you work so hard. But the bars won't budge. The crowbar eventually bends but the bars stay solid.

And again, the person outside says that you need to rest and look after yourself. That is the only way to get out. Lie down on the bed and sleep. Of course, this still makes no sense. You'll sleep when you've got the job done. But you have to get these bars bent or broken before you suffocate in this room!

So you search the room, looking for something that will help to bend or break these bars. And you find a blow torch under the bed!! WOW!! Okay, now you're feeling positive and energised!! Thank you SO much to whoever left this blow torch here. You see, there is always a way, and you trusted and believed, and you were rewarded. So you pick up the blow torch, and you go over to the window..... and the blow torch doesn't work. It's broken!

Devistation again. You could explode with frustration. Every time you try.... Everything you try... you just keep getting thwarted. What are you supposed to do!!!! You've done Everything you can. You've worked SO hard. It's not like you're just sitting around waiting for someone to rescue you. You're doing Everything you can think of!

... and so it goes on.

And you remember the advice to lie down on the bed and sleep. But you still cannot see how it will help, and every day you get more desperate to get out - you can feel the suffocation creeping up on you - and every day that you get more desperate, it seems more and more ridiculous to just lie down on the bed and sleep!! There's no time to lie down on the bed - every moment resting is a moment that is wasted and it's another moment that could be spent on the bars. And anyway, how can you just relax and sleep when you're worried about how you're going to get out of that window? ....

Until one day, exhausted and fed up, you decide "FINE!! Okay. I'll lie down on the bed!!" ;)

And so you lie down on the bed. And you fall asleep. And your body and mind rest. And when you wake up, you open your eyes. And there, just above your head, is a switch. You've never seen it before because you've never layed down on the bed for long enough. You've been so preoccupied with the bars that even when you have layed down for a moment, you've been looking at the window, trying to figure out another way.

So you press the switch - and a light comes on. The light fills the room - you didn't even know there WAS a light in this room. And as you sit up on the bed. There, directly opposite the bed, the other side of the room to the window. Is a door! And the door is ajar! ;)

Of course, you would never have dreamt that lying down on the bed would have been the answer to getting out of the room. It made absolutely no sense. Now, you realise that if you hadn't layed down on the bed and had a good long sleep, you wouldn't have woken refreshed enough to notice the switch - which means you would never have lit the room, which means you wouldn't have seen the door. You'd still be trying to bend those bars!

Love and Light and Magic xxx

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