A Chanel handbag is classy, elegant and simple, making it the ideal choice for any social occasion. Unfortunately, this exclusivity comes with a price that is sometimes very prohibitive. It is this niche that the counterfeiters have exploited to the maximum causing serious financial loss to the House of Chanel, which makes the original Chanel bag.

Replica Chanel Handbags, The Different Types
Designer bags like Chanel and others are very coveted items. Because of their exclusivity and popularity, illegal manufacturers have produced replica Chanel handbags that have copied the original design. Some of the Chanel replica creations have become highly creative, making it difficult to detect the difference between the replica and the original.
It is a well-known fact that one of the most copied handbags is the Chanel handbag. Thousands of women are under the impression that possessing a replica Chanel handbag is an ideal way to save a lot of money. There are two types of replica Chanel handbags. There are the counterfeit bags that are manufactured to look exactly like the original and the second type, which is called a facsimile of the original, which looks like the genuine Chanel handbag, but has been changed to look different from the original with small differences in the detailing.

Tips and Clues To Ensure You Are Not Ripped Off
To counter this rising trend of illegal rip offs, many designer brands are now issuing online tips and clues to differentiate between the genuine item and the duplicate.
• Each Chanel handbag has a serial number that is unique to the product, which tells you the year of production.
• Check minutely the craftsmanship of the handbag. There should be no defects in the stitching, seams, zippers, buckles, etc.
• The material used is usually leather, which is usually strong and durable, and should also be soft and flexible.
• The names and letters used in the logos should be clear, distinct, and correctly spelt.
• Each handbag is provided with a documentation of authenticity; it could be a certificate or label on the bag or an engraved logo with an ID number.
• Touch and feel of the product is a very easy way to make out the difference between a genuine handbag and a replica Chanel bag. The leather will be of a superior quality, very well stitched in the Chanel trademark way.
• At times the Chanel logo will be embossed on the interior of the handbag. Those interiors, which are not embossed, will have a gold or silver stamp.

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