You work out every day. You eat the right foods. Your hair is in the latest style. Your clothes speak well of you. However, when you open your mouth to speak, what comes out is anything but what your visual image is saying. Women are attracted to a deep voice and if you have a high-pitched, nasal, whiny, wimpy sound, then you are not turning your prospect on…you are indeed turning her off.

If you know that your speaking voice is not your greatest asset, why not make the change? You have a better voice inside. All it takes is the desire to break some old vocal habits and instill new ones.

Your ‘real’ voice will be deeper in pitch, resonant, captivating. And, you will also have the ability to increase your volume without shouting. This technique is called projection but it is only possibly if you are using your chest cavity to power your sound.

Most people rely on their voice box, throat, mouth and nasal cavities to produce voiced sound. Those who use their chest cavity, on the other hand, sound like Vin Diesel, James Earl Jones, George Clooney, Peter Coyote and Sean Connery.

There is something about a deep voice that women find very sensual. Voices like those of the actors above make us swoon. A voice like that of Don Johnson, however, is a turn-off because it is very nasal. Yes, women may find him physically attractive but they are not aroused by how he sounds!

A great voice is one that vibrates in your chest when you speak; and, it is warm. Nasal, high-pitched voices, on the other hand, are cold. They can be strident, harsh and/or loud. Possibly the hottest voice of all was the late great Barry White. Whether he was singing or speaking, his voice resounded with warmth, depth and sensuality. When it came to Barry White, his physical image was not nearly as important as his vocal one! There is a generation of Baby Boomers who found his voice to be the sexiest of all!

Whether you are built like Adonis or not, if you want to be more attractive to the opposite sex, find your real voice and let your chest do your talking. Given the right tone, a voice resounding from your chest will speak volumes about you.

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The Voice Lady Nancy Daniels offers private, corporate and group workshops in voice and presentation skills as well as Voicing It!, the only video training program on voice improvement. Visit Voice Dynamic or watch Nancy in a brief video as she describes The Power of Your Voice.

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