If you are building a house without a builder then keep these things in mind, you will not regret it in the future

If you are building a house without the help of a builder, then it is possible only when the planning is right. It is not just a matter of preparing rooms according to your needs but also to keep in mind the rules of construction. HouseIQ is telling you today that if you are building a new house, then what things to keep in mind:

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Set goals: Before planning, the most important thing is to set goals. It includes the size, layout, design, interior of the house and other things. After taking all these into consideration, move towards the goal. Most people who build a house design the layout according to the needs of their family. But it is also important to know that if you need more space in the future. There should always be an extra room or entertainment space with a growing family. Just think, do you want to spend the rest of your life in one place? The answers to these questions will help you in designing and choosing the right home. Keep this in mind that in the future you may have to sell the house. So keeping this in mind, add some important features to the house so that it attracts people.

Think how things should be in the house: For the first time, the people who build the house do not think about how the furniture will be kept while designing. When building an existing floorplan, think about where and how the furniture will be placed. This is necessary so that the room does not look cluttered after bringing other items. How much space will be needed to move the chairs and sofas comfortably? This is more useful if you are designing the hall.

Set a budget: Setting a budget is also part of your goal. After deciding the budget, divide it into various things like cost of construction, material, tax, furniture and home decoration. Apart from this, keep a little money for the emergency also. Use an excel sheet throughout the project, which includes your budget and other expenses.

Correct placement of rooms: The bedroom should always be in the corner so that it is away from traffic and noise. The master bedroom should not be built near the stairs or a place where family members come and go while you sleep. Apart from this, the wall of the living area should not be adjacent to it. If building multi-storey houses, then bedrooms and bathrooms should be on every floor. The bedroom should always have privacy and should not be easily visible from the living room. To consider these places as important, you should remove such rooms which are of little use. They can also be used as store rooms. With more space, young children can play comfortably at home.

Do these things as well: When installing shelves and cabinets, see if there is any need to change them to meet your needs. Similarly, keep an extra wardrobe, do not know when the guests come to stay with you. Similarly there is a need to create extra space in the kitchen as well. Regularly used appliances should be in place, where you can reach easily. In addition, the master bedroom should have a master switch that can control all the lights outside. This feature will also add to your home. Apart from this, you can also get sound proofing where needed.

Rather ignore Ventilation T : Make sure before construction began that you choose the right contractor for the job of high quality such as ventilation (sealing and insulation). Moisture can damage your ventilation system due to poor planning. First supervise the pipes properly and if there is any problem, then tell the contractor. Also check the location of water taps and power outlets. If you feel that other options are needed, then you can include it as well. For example, you can install extra switches in the courtyard for lighting in lawns, outlets in the kitchen, lights during Diwali or Christmas.

Build a team: You will need experts and professionals to build a house. Choose the right people who can work within your budget. Hire electrician, plumber, builder before starting work. But before that, be sure about the work done before them. Make sure that these people do work faster and better.

Be prepared for the challenges: It is also possible that you have to go through many unexpected situations during the construction process. Even if you have made a plan or set a goal, you may still have to go through many challenges. So keep Plan B ready beforehand, if Plan A does not work. Also, keep calm and try to solve the problem with the help of experts and professionals.

Only the plan will work: The plan you had made at the beginning of construction will not work. So plan as much as possible. During the construction process, you will come across many ideas. So keep making a new plan and include the idea in it.

Keep these things in mind:
• Check the location of the lights, switches and other sockets, considering the placement of your furniture, cupboards and other decorative items.

• Make sure to have parking space for your vehicle.

• Consider the weather conditions when planning to begin construction. Never start work during the rainy season.

• Use energy-saving LEDs at home to save on future expenses. These last for many years.

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