Eric Clapton wrote 'If I Could Change The World.' John Mayer wrote 'Waiting On The World To Change.' Michael Jackson's wonderful song 'We Are The World' spoke volumes about how people coming together with a united purpose can indeed change the world. The puzzling question is...these artist are three powerhouses of the music industry and their music creations are crying out for change, they have money, fame, drugs, sex, but in their hearts they know what they really want is...change.

Could it be that after all the glamour and glitter, men's hearts long for peace? Peace among families being ripped apart, peace in the streets, where race is a declaration for violence against your brother, and peace among world powers, itching at the trigger finger to convince someone your way of thinking is better. The world's wealth can make mankind's life easier, but it can't solve the root of the problem. Until man looks within himself and admits his heart is need of cleansing, those talented artist will continue to have plenty of new material.

Lets look at these three men I've mentioned above and see if their lives give us a glimpse of how we try to change the world. These men have led troubled lives and the money and fame couldn't change it.

Eric Clapton said to be the greatest guitarist of all time has had a rough journey. He and George Harrison were best friends and somewhere along the way Eric ended up marrying George's wife. He later fathered a son and the child fell from a balcony while in the care of a nanny. His cocaine addiction tried its best to destroy this tremendous talent, but Eric looked inside himself and knew he needed to change his world. He started a rehab center using his own money and with the doors he opened and the people he touched, he allowed God through his outreach to change lives and become a testament to how Eric Clapton changed 'his world.'

John Mayer is an incredible talent whose stardom rocketed him to the top of the musical industry. His face has been seen on countless newspaper covers with some beautiful women. A young man with good looks, great, God given talent and access to plenty of money, placing you in the fast lane. His great hit 'Waiting On The World To Change' will definitely have relevance in his life when your emotions are being affected by a steady diet of the 'good times.'

Now the real heartbreaker of the three stories, Michael Jackson. His life as child by his own account played out like a horror story. When your father, whom you look up to for love and guidance scares you so bad, you throw up when you see him enter a room...whoa, nobody and I mean nobody should judge Michael Jackson. I believe he became the creation of the childhood that was stolen from him. I don't know if anyone except Michael and Jesus Christ know what Michael's demons really were.I believe he loved children and he tried his hardest to live his stolen life through each of their smiles, laughter and the happiness he gave to all the ones that visited Neverland. After he was accused of child molestation he probably increased his drug dependency to make his world change. He'd already had numerous surgeries to his face to try and give himself some type of happiness. Eventually he was unsuccessful at changing his world and God took him out of this one.

We try We try every way possible to change our looks, our cars, our homes, our dates or our spouses. We try to cover up our pain with drugs and alcohol. We are constantly hooking up for the next sexual encounter. We take off on weekend get aways to Vegas or Atlantic City to attempt to hit the 'big one' change our world.

God we want to change it, but we can't seem to get it right. We want to run and hid from it, but you can't run and hide...from you! If you stay high or drunk enough this weekend, maybe Monday morning won't be so hard to face. We're constantly trying to change everyone around us, but the problem is...US!

Do we sincerely want to change the world? Then it starts with Michael's lyrics that speaks of the man in the mirror. That's how families change, that's how neighborhoods change and with God's Blessing, the way nations change.


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64 year old male living with wife Linda in Virginia Beach, Va. Former Naval Reserve Vietnam Veteran, Import Manager for 2 different Customs House Brokerage firms, Route Salesman, Delivery driver and Target employee. Author of 2 Christian books. Owner of website and blog