If I could say to you, “Touch your heart. Feel your heart beat; feel your blood flow through with every breath you take.” If I could say to you, “Take that tenderness, that pulse and carry it with you. “ Carry it to all the places that it is so desperately needed. To the young little voices that are dying to be heard. Carry it to the lost souls that are searching to be found. Carry it so that it may dry a tear. Carry it so that it may shed light where there is darkness. Carry is so that it gives hope and opportunity to a place where they don’t exist.

If I could say to you, “This tender heart that is pumping; let it be so dear and near for all that need it.” You are just an image of what you have yet to become. Some don’t have an image of that person yet, so carry it to them. Let everyone know how precious you and they really are. If I could say to you, “Be strong for someone else so that they may know what strength is.” If I could say to you, “Pick up and carry the weak, for they cannot carry themselves.” If I could say to you, “Teach those to rejoice in life and all that it has to offer, as they might not feel rejoice in theirs.”

If I could say to you, “You have a voice so loud and strong, God gave you your heartbeat to feel.” Spread your caring heart like a wildfire through the woods, to teach, to nourish, so that all may see what you have beating inside you. If I could say to you, “I treasure you.”

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