Many people gain tremendous emotional, spiritual and physical benefits from yoga. Its value is undeniable. I would like to posture a question to you. If you find the deep breathing advantageous in reducing your stress during yoga, why not make it a habit and do it all day long?

If you are plagued by stress throughout your day and find your 20 or 30-minute practice of yoga effective in releasing that stress, imagine what your life would be like if you could release your stress continuously throughout your day? Whereas diaphragmatic breathing eliminates the toxins in your body, upper chest breathing (also known as shallow or lazy breathing) actually increases those toxins. And those toxins are responsible for exacerbating tension which means that your lazy or shallow breathing is actually increasing your stress!

Not only is deep, supported breathing the best thing you can do decrease your stress but it the best method of lowering your blood pressure without drugs as well. One of my clients found that if he practiced diaphragmatic breathing while on his exercise bike in the morning, his blood pressure dropped! Every time I think about that, I am amazed. To be exerting energy, yet, at the same time, having one’s blood pressure go down is an awesome feat!

My own life has changed dramatically since I started breathing diaphragmatically throughout my day. I fell asleep during a double stereotactic breast biopsy. If you are unfamiliar with this procedure, it requires the breast to be squeezed in a vice for the 40-minute process, much like a mammogram with no anesthesia. By concentrating on my breathing during the procedure, I fell asleep during the 2nd biopsy because I was so relaxed.

One lady was able to eliminate her headache after practicing a few breathing exercises on her way home from work. Another woman found that she was falling asleep faster at night. And, one of the best stories is about a professional golfer who found she was hitting the ball better because she started breathing with support when she addressed the ball. In the past, she would tense up during her initial stance and swing.

If these people have discovered the benefits of breathing for their health, their sports, their sleep, and their careers, imagine what it can do for you. Continue with your yoga but make diaphragmatic breathing a habit and I guarantee you will notice a tremendous change in your life, both professionally and personally.

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