Having a photo calendar readily to hand undoubtedly makes life easier for the average person running a home. Being able to easily note down, keep track of and quickly access important dates such as medical appointments and bill due dates is something which sounds easy but has rarely been achieved with the ease and effectiveness a simple calendar can boast. Personalised calendars take this functionality and combine it with an aesthetic appeal and individuality which means an ordinary everyday object can become much more.

Despite the proliferation of hand held computer devices, and the fact that even the most basic of mobile phones is now bound to feature a calendar, there is still no technique which is as simple as jotting a note down onto paper. No worries about the memory capacity of the device, the battery power, whether the information has been backed up or saved in the right place or wondering if the device might just stop working and lose all of your information, just something which, despite, or even because of, its lo tech nature, gets the job done each and every time. Having said all of that, there is one undeniable problem with photo calendar, and that lies in the photo part of the equation.

All too often, the calendars you buy in the shops or even order from specialist outlets online feature images which, at the very best, are uninspiring and mediocre. Clichéd shots of meadows and forests or sickly sweet collections of photographs of puppies, ponies or kittens feature on so many calendars and even those which are less generic and more specific are all too often based around some pop group, television programme or film franchise. You may well like puppies, and perhaps you’re a big fan of a certain pop star, but do you really want to look at them each and every day of the year? Too often, people put up with the limited options available, and accept the unappealing nature of the visual appeal as a trade off for the usefulness, but there’s actually no reason why this compromise has to be put up with.

Personalised calendars offer an option which retains all of the practicality and usefulness of ordinary calendars whilst making use of images which can be individually chosen to suit the tastes and personality of the user. Whether it’s to create something for your own use, or to be given away as a gift, calendar printing is a quick and easy way of producing a unique, tailor made object which can be altered and modified to exactly meet the needs of the individual.

The choice of images is entirely down to the individual, meaning that they can build a calendar around pictures of their own family, or of places which they go to and love. Having chosen the images, they can then be arranged however the individual prefers – single, full size dramatic images or pages made up of multiple different pictures – alongside any text, text which can be printed on top of the imagery or separately. The key fact is that the flexibility of the system allows each individual to produce exactly the product which they want to see, whether that’s a cheering pictorial account of a year in the life of their kids, or a dramatic collection of impressive nature shots. The end result is a calendar which not only looks good but lifts the spirit each and every time it’s consulted.

Next time you’re thinking of buying a photo calendar, just stop for a second and consider the fact that you’ll be looking at whatever choice you make every day for the next year. Personalised calendars can be adapted to start on any month of the year, so anyone thinking of making the change doesn’t even have to wait until January to swap the mundane and dull for the personal and special.

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Bonusprint has been in the photo printing and framing business for many years, always believing in offering a top quality service for a truly competitive price. It is a shame to leave photos in the digital domain when they can be so cheaply reproduced as photo calendar, a framed print, a poster or, like a work of art, calendar printing.