Everyone has a special quality that makes them unique. What makes you...YOU?

Being able to identify your unique selling proposition is critical to creating more revenue in your business. The more you can distinguish yourself from your colleagues and leverage your unique skills, the more your ideal clients will want to work with you and the higher fees you can command.

You can think of your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) as part of your "expertise" and what sets you apart from other people in your profession. By focusing on your special skills and qualities and setting yourself apart from your competition, your ideal clients will view you as the expert that you are and be more inclined to engage your services. Keep in mind, anyone seeking the support of a service professional ALWAYS wants to work with the best of the best.

Obviously, whether you are a coach, speaker, interior designer, virtual assistant, graphic designer or a consultant you have "competition". (Though I like to think of them as colleagues and not competitors.) Your colleagues are simply other service professionals who are working to serve the same target market you are .

But you know something that they don't. The importance of having an ideal client profile. And once you've created your ideal client profile, based in part on your USP, you work to consistently market to ONLY that ideal client. This allows you to attract people who "get" what you do and are actively seeking your unique services. It also allows you to create a top-notch experience for your client, because you're offering solutions specifically for that individual's unique challenges. Focusing on your USP also helps you to create a "raving fan", because your client sees you, and only you, as their problem solver. Thus you create a win-win for you AND your client!

This type of success all starts with determining your USP. It can be as simple as identifying and marketing your strengths as a business owner. For example, if you are a personal development coach that helps women become financially independent, then your USP could be that you were a former financial adviser that has helped 1,000 women become financially independent. Because of your expertise, you are uniquely qualified to help them develop a plan to get out of debt, save money, invest and plan for retirement. That is no easy task! Because you have already demonstrated your expertise with your previous experience, that makes you unique. Women who are looking for financial independence will be drawn to your experience and results - and they will pay top dollar to work with you!

So, think about your profession and what makes you a better choice over your colleagues. Why should someone work with you rather than Susie Smith? Use that as your USP and leverage it to attract your ideal client by incorporating the details in your marketing messages. You can even use your passions as a USP - get creative! The more you can differentiate yourself, the more successful your business will be. And the more successful your business is, the easier it is to create your ideal lifestyle, which is why you became self-employed in the first place. I'd love to hear about your USP - please stop by the blog and tell me all about it!

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Sydni Craig-Hart, The Smart Simple Marketing Coach, is founder of SmartSimpleMarketing.com Known for her simple, tech-savvy, integrated approach to marketing, she also has the unique ability to find untapped profit centers in her client’s businesses so they can create money NOW. Visit www.SmartSimpleMarketing.com to listen to Sydni's F.R.E.E. audio class, “10 Proven Steps to Powerful Marketing Results!” and to schedule your F.R.E.E. "Profit Breakthrough" session!