When a person has Type 2 diabetes, his or her liver, muscle cells and fat fail to correctly respond to insulin. Such a condition is called insulin resistance that prevents blood sugar from entering these cells where they are stored for energy. And when sugar is prevented from entering the cells, high sugar levels are found that form in the blood. This medical condition is known as hyperglycemia. It is a lifelong disease and the most common diabetes form. A problem in the manner our body uses or makes insulin causes diabetes. Usually this disease occurs with a slow pace. Studies report that most patients are overweight when they identify that they have this disease. Additional fat creates difficulty for the body to make use of insulin in the right way. This does not mean that thin people cannot develop type 2 diabetes. It can occur in people who have a thin body and it is common in elder people.

Identifying the symptoms: It has been found that family genes and history have a hand in this disease. Factors that can increase the level of risk are poor diet, low activity level and more weight than usual around the waist. Generally there are no symptoms in the beginning that indicate on-set of type 2 diabetes. However, early symptoms experienced by some patients with this disease are increased thirst, infections of kidney, bladder or skin, hunger, increased urination and fatigue. Erectile dysfunction, blurred vision and numbness in the hands or feet may be additional early symptoms.

Treating Type 2 Diabetes : Most doctors prescribe Janumet medication that is used with diet and exercise in order to lower blood sugar in patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It has a mixture of sitagliptin and metformin. These two are diabetes medicines taken orally which help in controlling levels of blood sugar. Sitagliptin regulates the insulin levels produced by the body after eating. Metformin decreases production of sugar in the liver and lowers glucose absorption by the intestines. You must note that this medicine is not used to treat type 1 diabetes. Janumet 50 500 mg tablets are one sided film-coated with 78 debossed, bi-convex oval and light blue in color. It does not cause weight gain. You must not just take the medication yourself but ask advice from a doctor first. It is one of the trusted Canadian online drugs that effectively treat type 2 diabetes.

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