Of mice and men is great piece of work written by John Steinbeck, he sketched the story in such a way that the reader starts imagining himself enjoying the scenes depicted in the of mice and men essay, writing of men and mice essay can be very interesting only if you have read the novel and understand the dynamics of it. So, first read the essay and when you are done reading you should read the following two very important points so as to make sure you come up with a perfect essay on of mice and men.

1- You must decide a topic that interest you otherwise don’t work on it.

2- You should first confirm the topic with your teacher so as to make sure there is
not future problem.

Now, let’s discuss the following points that you can easily incorporate in the of mice and men essay

The hero of the novel was Lennie small and George Milton, you can highlight the circumstance they lived in and why did they migrate in the great depression time? What were the miseries they were facing and what did they do reach the better standards of life. In this way, you will aware the readers about the main leads of the play.

George’s character has been showed as a very selfish and mean person but at the same time, at some instances he showed care and love for the people around him. You can show these white and black shaded of the hero in the play. The whole novel revolves around the hero of the play and his efforts to create better living standards. Tell the reader what was the connection between his struggle and the multiple sides of his personality.

Tell the readers, why Lennie was given the nick of small, give the reasons. Try telling the readers something about the Lennie small as well because he was the second main lead of the play. Discuss what his relationship with the George was and how he managed with him. What were the reasons that he had the childish mentality?

Also discuss what were the reasons that George was so madly in love with the high living standards, why he was sp materialistic that he didn’t even cared for the people around him who loved him dearly. Was this the reason of his selfish attitude that everybody was coming in his way of prosperity. Try to underline the reasons for his obsession towards the high living standards in your of mice and men analysis essay.

Therefore, you can easily incorporate the above told points in your of mice and men essay no matter what is the topic of your essay. Also, try to answer the questions that are highlighted in the preceding points that will give you different view point about of mice and men essays. Try to read the novel two or three times so that you get to the bone of the essay because there are certain unidentified messages are their which a reader has to understand.

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