Colorful flower arrangements can change the look of any room in the house. Flowers make a room feel more alive and lived in. They can change a person’s mood and they can change the feel of a room, too. It’s a fairly inexpensive way to jazz up a room in a jiffy. Just call a florist and tell your requirements to receive the best service.

Color wheel

If matching colors is new for a person, start with a simple color wheel. This will give an idea of what colors can work together well. Generally, colors on the opposite sides of the wheel are contrasting colors. Contrasting colors will pop nicely. Yellow and purple are on opposite sides of the color wheel and can work well together. Use the color wheel to decide what colors will work together in a floral arrangement.

Flower shapes

Consider the shapes of the flowers, not only the colors, when making arrangements. Tall flowers, such as lilies and hyacinth, work well with smaller, flat flowers, such as phlox and aster. Varying the height of the flowers in arrangements adds visual impact. Using all tall flowers or all flat flowers can work but for an arrangement that really pops, varying heights and colors is the way to go.

Size of arrangements

Always take the size of the room into consideration when making or buying an arrangement. A tiny room should have a smaller arrangement while a big room or hallway should have a medium to large arrangement. If the arrangement is too big, it will overpower the area and if it’s too small, it will go unnoticed.

How to decide on colors

The use of contrasting flower color to the wall color is a good way to make the arrangement pop. But don’t be bound by contrasting colors because a colorful arrangement that actually matches the wall colors can be elegant and beautiful, too.

Consider the following contrasting ideas:

  • A light green room would be lovely with an arrangement of irises and violets in a glass vase with a dark green ribbon tied around it.
  • A blue room would look great with sunflowers or daffodils in a simple blue vase.
  • A white room would look lovely with red roses, red gladiolus, and red Gerbera daisies. A yellow vase or a yellow ribbon tied around a glass vase would be a great combination.
  • A deep red room would be fantastic with an arrangement of all white flowers and baby’s breath. White lilies of any variety laced with baby’s breath and/or white feathers could make a bold statement in a deep red room.
  • A yellow room would be wonderful with blue hydrangea arranged with a single white rose in the center.

Consider the following matching ideas:

  • A homey arrangement of sunflowers and black-eyed Suzies, which go together well, in a yellow room would be a showstopper. Add lemons to the bottom of a large vase and a gorgeous, different arrangement is born. Add a yellow gingham ribbon for an even bigger statement.
  • A pink room with an arrangement of pink spray roses and lots of baby’s breath can be stunning.
  • A white or ivory room with white flowers and beige embellishments can be elegant and impressive. Think white roses and white anemones with a beige velvet ribbon tied around a white or glass vase.

Flowers for every room

Every room can benefit from a beautiful, color-coordinated arrangement, even the bathroom. A hallway can go from gloomy to brilliant in an instant with one floral arrangement in bright colors. Even an infant’s nursery can be made more cozy and warm with a colorful floral arrangement. Flowers will change the vibe in every single room of the house.

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