Runners will always ask for the best running or cross-trainer shoe. First you'll need to ask yourself some questions. Not everyone is the same. Because everyone's foot is a bit different, and every runner or athlete is different, it goes without saying that you need to get the shoe that is just right for you.

Finding the best running shoes need not be a chore, but you need to ask yourself some questions. What kind of sport you do, where you workout, how many times a week, your age, your relative health, your fitness level, your dedication to working out, all of these considerations come into play when picking out the right running shoes.

Are you losing weight? Have you recovered from the disabled list? Are you training for the Olympics? This last one is just wishful thinking. Unless you're from a backward and poor isolated country, if you are a contender for an Olympic medal you will have had your shoes selected for you by a team of scientist, that is unless you are from Kenya and run barefoot. Finding the best running footwear need not be a chore.

For the average Joe somewhere between 34 and 56 years old and you are picking out your running shoes for your early morning jog around the park, then you can probably just go to your local Foot Locker and pick out a pair of Nikes or Reeboks that fit your feet. If you are on a budget (and who isn’t these days) you can get some of the very same name brand running shoes for women or men at discounters like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Nordstroms Rack, or your local equivalent to these stores.

These shoe super-stores have gigantic aisles upon aisles of great running and training footwear for you to deliberate over. It’s a little more difficult finding your size at these places but if you don't mind the crowd and have some patience, then you could purchase smart bargains. Marshalls, for instance, carries Nikes, New Balance and even some Reeboks, among other off-brands. They also have a good selection of hiking sandals . Even Costco has some great shoe bargains, however a light brand selection.

Comfort is of prime consideration with running shoes for men, comfort is where it is at. For me personally the most comfortable running shoes are those without back handles because I have found that this cloth handle rubs against my Achilles every time due to the shape of my foot. Those with club feed need to shop elsewhere. If you have problems with falling arches you may want to talk to a specialist first or get prescription insoles.

Whatever your special need, there are shoes for men to match your specifications. As for most of us it is just about finding a comfortable shoe that fits your budget and doesn't look unusual.

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