When the viscosity of the lubricating oil out of spec, compressor bearing failure and loss of lubrication leads to downtime and high repair costs. This is particularly difficult for refineries and other petrochemical operations using large compressors, where the operating environment can be extreme.

"Our problem was to begin, and lower operating temperatures, with light hydrocarbons may be mixed with lubricating oil, the viscosity immediately dropped. With inadequate lubrication, bearings, break down, and then the rotor is a locking screw compressor is extremely damaged. We can be found in the monthly checks it is not enough that we needed a viscosity measuring device line. Filmed in Cambridge Viscosity and achieved real-time condition monitoring, "according to the engineer of the plant a major refineries Coast the Gulf.

Robert Kasameyer, president of the viscosity of Cambridge, said: "Cambridge viscometers are widely used online to monitor real-time changes in the viscosity of the lubricant may occur between regular intervals oil analysis laboratory. This is especially common in high-value equipment in processes where the cost of failure is high. "In the case of refinery gas compressors, spare parts and repairs can easily cost more than $ 250,000 for such failure.

The viscosity of Cambridge, a leader in advanced laboratory and production viscometer systems, designs automated viscometers used worldwide by oil refineries and petrochemical industries to optimize the design of the compressor and monitor the conditions of the oils cooling lubricants and compressor operation. Cambridge's global reach is important to provide engineering support applications and services where and when needed.

The refinery is centralizing the viscosity sensor outputs with easy-to-access and use displays tied to the overall plant information system. The refinery uses centralized monitoring stations, each of which receives instantaneous information. One is currently tracking four viscometers while another connects with ten individual sensors on different gas compressors. This saves lab and technician time, as well as potential damage to the equipment itself.

About the viscosity of Cambridge

Cambridge Viscosity sets the standard for extraordinary precision, measuring the viscosity of reliable, low maintenance and control systems. The patented oscillating piston ensures accurate results and true in a wide range of laboratory and online applications, including oil and gas, petroleum and bio-fuels, paints, coatings and inks, pharmaceuticals and other substances.

Sensors and Systems Cambridge viscometer viscosity comply with ASTM, DIN, JIS and ISO, with a range of models designed to meet the specific needs of industry and application. Certifications include ATEX, CE, and FM. CSA certification is available upon request.

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