I’m sure you’ve sat down and thought long and hard about who your ideal customer is, right? You’re intimate with their problems and how your company can provide the best solutions. You know their age range, what they do for a living and how much they’re willing to pay for your amazing products and services.

But do you really know them?

Over the years, I’ve been hit upside the head in shock when people who have no job, a mountain of debt and a brand new business will pay a premium price to do one-on-one coaching with me. I’ve also shook my head in disbelief when someone who seems to be a prime candidate for my services says “no”, because of the price.

What have I learned about who will buy and not buy? That it’s a timing issue.

If you’ve clearly painted the benefits to potential clients, they love what you’re offering and they say “no”, it doesn’t mean that they still can’t become your dream client down the road.

It’s a BIG mistake to not give a rip about the people who walk away from your offer when you can see they clearly need your solution. I’ve heard many business owners say things like…

1. Oh, well…they weren’t ideal anyway.
2. My list never buys.
3. My people only like the cheap stuff.
4. I only want clients who can pay the big bucks.

5. When I raised my prices people stopped buying.

While these statements may seem true on the surface, I don’t think they have to be true forever more.

When I recently examined my product and services funnel, I noticed something that was probably causing many potential raving fans to slip through the cracks.

I offered many services in the $1000 and up range, as well as many products around $20. And not much in between.

What about the business owner that craves to interact with me live, but can’t see a way to invest over a few hundred dollars?

What about that person who is not quite sure about working with me at a higher level, and wants to get a taste before they commit?

What about that entrepreneur who isn’t emotionally ready to fully commit to the mac daddy solution?

Offer solutions in a variety of price ranges and modalities, so that it’s easy for your potential clients to say “YES”. Last year I offered a home study product at a fraction of the investment I charge for the live version. It was the BEST product launch I ever had. The business owners who purchased thanked me for finally offering something that was in their price range! And for me it was awesome because I got to deliver information I think is important to every business owner. And, because I offered it as a digital product, my only investment of time was in the initial creation of it.


I’ve been in the same business for over fifteen years and it’s interesting to watch people who have been following me for ions and never bought anything, who finally say YES to working with me when the timing is right. They were always my ideal clients, but they were waiting on the sidelines until the perfect circumstances came together to make the decision to buy easy for them.

My suggestions:

• Never assume that a “no” to your products and services right now, is a “no” forever.
• Never assume someone’s ability to buy or not buy.
• Nurture your relationship with everyone who pops their head into your door because they may become the customer you most love and adore down the road.
• Offer options when it comes to quality and pricing to make it easy for all of your customers to purchase no matter their financial or emotional situation.

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Jeanna Gabellini, is a Master Business Coach who assists high achieving entrepreneurs, corporate leaders & their teams to leverage fun, systems and intentionality for high-octane results. An entrepreneur for 20 years she has a treasure trove of kick-butt tools to give you peace & profits. A Gift For You! Get your complimentary Business Building Audio CD “Transforming from Chaotic Entrepreneur to Conscious Leader” for the entrepreneur who wants to be a SUPERpreneur: http://www.masterpeacecoaching.com/freecd