Losing fat is a tough job and obese people often wonder if bariatric surgery can benefit them in improving the quality of their lives. Not only it makes them feel much better but also it boosts confidence. However, bariatric surgery is not just like other cosmetic surgery and having the right knowledge is important for those who are considering it as an option, for shedding extra weight.

While you are considering this surgery, you should think twice the reason for opting for it. This type of surgery is usually considered for those people who has higher mass with respect to their height, weight and basal metabolic index. However, there are other several factors which you must consider before making your final decision.

Where traditional methods have failed

You must understand that bariatric surgery will reduce your extra stored fat from some selected areas of your body. The doctors will first map certain areas of the body where there is an excess amount of stubborn fat. Needless to say, it requires downtime and you cannot just bounce back to your original life within few days. 

You need to be in bed rest till your body recovers and you can return back to your usual routine. Hence, bariatric surgery is the last resort.  Doctors recommend this surgery when the health condition is serious. By serious, we mean a candidate has high diabetes, high blood pressure, acid reflux, heart blockage, thyroid problem and a sluggish BMI index. When these above conditions are meet and exercise along with clean eating has also not produced yielding results, doctors choose the candidate for bariatric surgery. 

Body mass index

BMI is a very important factor for bariatric surgery. Surgeon who specializes in bariatric surgery often select candidates who have a minimum BMI of 40 and above. BMI is the ultimate measuring yardstick for calculating a person’s body at percentage in relation to his and her weight, as per age. While it does not calculate how much fat is ideal for the person but it clearly indicates whether the person has an ideal weight to height ratio.

At times, surgeons also taken candidate to this surgery who has a BMI of 35- 39 and is suffering from other associated health conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high diabetes. Also, a candidate weight must be at least 100 pounds or greater in order to undergo bariatric surgery. Nevertheless, this is the most prevalent and opted surgery in the United States because of urban and fast lifestyle
BMI of Texas has averagely increased as per the recent reports and government is taking steps to build up awareness of healthy lifestyle and regular exercise


There are several other problems like acid reflux, menstrual problems, cystic ovary, respiratory problems and orthopedic problems where bariatric surgery is considered. However, nothing can give way to clean diet and regular exercise. Even if you have undergone this surgery, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your lives. This surgery is not a shortcut to model like figure. 

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