Beach weddings in Ft. Walton Beach require not only the perfect setting and attire but also the ideal cake. When choosing your wedding cake use accents such as fresh tropical flowers or marine life accents that are very colorful. You want them to complement your special wedding. There are many beach themes to choose from like seashells, sea life, and more.


Using seashells for beach weddings in Ft. Lauderdale is a favorite design for this type of wedding. The seashells can be used as an accent for the original design or as one of the key elements. The cake designer can create these motifs from molded chocolates or marzipan instead of using the real thing. With this motif, you can have corals, fish, and sea urchins as part of the design. Have the ocean floor look at the bottom of your wedding cake by scattering sand dollars, white chocolate shells, and starfish. You can even scatter these on the different tiers of your wedding cake.

Sandcastle wedding cakes

If your cake designer is creative, they can make you a wedding cake that is shaped like a sandcastle. This cake would resemble the natural colored sandcastles that you built as a child. They can be decorated with various seal life accents and seashells. The cake designer could also include nautical designs like fondant anchors and ropes.

Tropical flowers

For beach weddings in Ft. Walton Beach Florida do not rule out tropical flowers. These beautiful bright flowers can transform the typical wedding cake into a fun wedding cake. If you do not want to use fresh flowers, you can have edible ones made. They can be individual flowers or small bouquets of colorful flowers. Most will choose to use edible ones because fresh flowers can wilt in the hot sun. The edible tropical flowers can be made from butter cream frosting or fondant.

In addition to the perfect wedding cake you need to make sure that you have the following correct to make it perfect.

• Colors—when having a beach wedding it is okay to choose other color options for your wedding cake instead of the traditional white icing. When using a tropical theme you can use colors like blue, beige, green to reflect the colors of the water or use bright tropical colors like orange, bright yellow, or fuchsia. You could even use a nautical theme of red, white, and blue.
• Toppers—to pull the beach theme together use toppers like dolphins, palm trees, sailboats, hula dancer figurines, starfish, or seahorses. You could even use beach wedding figures in place of the traditional bride and groom toppers.
• Flavors—choose flavors that are light and less rich like pineapple, coconut, or lemon orange.

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