The cultivation scope of Icelandic tea is mainly in the Icelandic village in the middle and lower part of big snow Mountain, Mengku Town, Shuangjiang County, Lincang City. Shuangjiang, located at the crossroads of "Sun Turning" and "Two Oceans Dividing the Water" is located in the southwest of Yunnan Province, and is famous in Shenzhou. The famous Shuangjiang Mengku Icelandic Tea originated from this place.
Mengku Iceland, also known as "Bingdao", is a famous ancient tea-producing village in Shuangjiang, and is famous for its rich production of Icelandic tea. Icelandic tea is one of the most precious Puerh teas in Yunnan, and it is also a typical Mengku large-leaf tree tea.

  Here are some specific steps to introduce Icelandic tea from the traditional production process: picking, withering, killing green, rolling, light fermentation, flicking, drying (sunlight drying) and other specific steps.

 Ice picking of Puerh tea in Iceland.

   Icelandic Puerh tea picking at 6 or 7 in the morning. For people living in the city, they may still lie in bed and sleep in their dreams. For Puerh tea farmers, this is the time to pick out Puerh tea. The best time to pick fresh leaves of Puerh tea is half an hour after sunrise, so as to avoid the problem of unfavorable withering and killing due to the high moisture content of fresh leaves.

  Usually the picking is completed by about ten to twelve in the morning. Tea picking can generally be carried out in the three seasons of spring, summer and autumn, and can also be divided into the dry season and the rainy season. The dry season spring tea is from the end of February to mid-May, and the autumn tea is between the end of September and the end of November, the end of May It is the rainy season tea until the end of September. Among them, the dry season spring tea has not been affected by the rain, and the tea gas is more abundant, which is the best time to make Puerh tea.

  After picking fresh tea leaves, it is time to start the process of making Puerh tea. It should be noted that the fresh tea leaves should not be left in the basket or snake skin bag for too long after picking, otherwise the tea leaves will be moldy or spoiled because they are wet for too long and affect the quality of the tea.

Withering of Puer tea in Iceland.

  Put the picked tea leaves in a cool place to naturally evaporate the moisture of the fresh leaves and reduce the moisture content of the cells.
Iceland Puerh tea kills.

  The process of killing green mainly reduces the moisture content of fresh leaves, which can soften the leaf quality and lower the temperature of killing green. In the dry season, it will naturally dry and wither, and in the rainy season it will wither with hot wind. The main method of killing the green tea in the Puerh tea is pan-fry or drum type. Its temperature should be below 180 degrees Celsius for about 6 minutes. The temperature and time need to be adjusted according to the actual amount of tea, tea tenderness, moisture content and other factors.

When it is completed, the normal tea leaf color changes from bright green to dark green or dark green. After killing the green, the tea leaves are still spread out, ready to be twisted. The purpose of killing green tea is to stop fermentation, while Puerh tea only needs to slow down the fermentation.

   The traditional tea making and twisting of Icelandic Puerh tea is manually kneaded, and it is divided into rough kneading and double kneading according to the thickness of the tea cyanine, especially for the stem part. Modern tea making is mostly handled by mechanical disc-type tea kneading machines, and then manpower is used for partial processing or picking.

The traditional twisting process is usually manual twisting, but due to the relatively large demand for tea in the market, sometimes mechanical equipment is used for twisting, and the disc type tea kneading machine usually causes the tea to agglomerate. Machine to deblock. This is not the case with traditional hand-kneaded tea.

   Put the tea leaves after the killing into the dustpan, and twist it with both hands to break part of the cells and form a curl.

  Light fermentation of Iceland Puerh tea.

  According to the experience of the tea master, the light fermentation time is generally 10 to 15 minutes, mainly to soften the tea stems.
Iceland Puer tea drying (air drying).

Icelandic Puerh Tea Drying (Drying Green Tea) The Icelandic tea after twisting and stripping is spread on bamboo mats or cement drying yards under direct sunlight (25℃---35℃) and dried in the sun. During the sun-drying process, mix it 2 to 3 times, and heat it in the sun, generally not more than 40 degrees Celsius.

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