If you are interested in ice fishing but have no experience in this subject then there are a few key pieces of information that you are going to need. First of all, most people think that ice fishing is a boring sport with nothing to do except stare at a hole in the ice for hours on end. This is competly not true unless that is the experience that you want to have.

Ice fishing is something that requires very little equipment. It is at its best, if you bring along some friends that want to go with you. You are also going to need a fishing license. If you are caught ice fishing without a license then you are going to wind up in some serious legal troubles. I am not sure whether this is true where you are but in most noth american ice fishing locations the law requires you to pay and register if you want to go fishing or hunting.

Some of the essential equipment that you need if you are going to go ice fishing as a beginner are as follows. You are definetly going to need some warm protective clothing. Maybe even a second change of warm clothes just incase you fall through the ice. You are going to need some lines, 10 lb test should be fine for beginners. You don't really need a rod to go ice fishing unless you want one. There is a peice of equipment called a tip up that you might want to consider. A tip up works by doing just what the name implies. It tips up when you have a strike on your line, that way you dont have to actually hang onto the line and feel for a strike.

You are also going to need hooks and bait to go with your line. There are bait shops near almost every body of water so dont worry about that too much. If you are too cheap to buy your own then i suggest that you wander into the woods and flip over some dead logs to find some.

That is just the basics of what you need to actually catch some fish while out on the ice but there is so much more equipment that you can bring along if you want to have an even more enjoyable time on the ice.

Some of the other ice fishing equipment that beginners may want to bring along is a shelter to protect you from natures fury. An ice fishing shelter can be as basic as a tarp with two wooden poles or as complex as a heated small house that is dragged out onto the ice. You can also bring along heaters and seats and anything that you can think of on your beginners ice fishng trip.

As fun as ice fishing can be there is still an element of danger. This is very true for ice fishing beginners because you might not know about ice conditions or how to check the thickness of the ice that you are venturing out onto. If you don't know these thing then I suggest that you read more on the subject and learn as much as you can to keep yourself safe out on the ice.

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