For any fabulous family HOLIDAY IN SPAIN vacation in Ibiza try booking your holiday direct. Ibiza is not only the clubbing capital of Europe though as numerous families who book a vacation there have found. Most travellers who book holidays on Ibiza beach come for Ibiza's other points of interest like the amazing weather and delightful beaches plus they find it's a fantastic family holiday destination. Whether you'll need a luxury villa or perhaps just a small apartment you're certain to locate something to match your taste and budget.

For travellers with more youthful children Ibiza could be a perfect option. Private apartments may be the ideal choice because the facilities provided includes helpful kitchen facilities including clothes washing and drying out facilities, television and DVD player, child-friendly products like highchairs and cots and use of a pool. Getting all of the equipment that you're accustomed to getting in your own home can make a holiday less demanding. It is just like a home-from-home inside a perfect setting with wonderful weather.

Ibiza has numerous resorts that are suggested for families who're searching for a seaside holiday. It features a beautiful, sandy protected bay and it is along the west coast of the island. It has good bathing facilities and several aquatic sports are available to individuals who are feeling energetic. Another family resort is Puerto de San Miguel with a broad sandy beach that is protected by surrounding coves. Whichever resort you choose you might want to begin to see the sights around the areas so may wish to hire a car to help you explore the area.

For families that like a holiday in Ibiza they'll discover lots of things to do. Try going for a taxi or bus ride to explore a few of the unspoilt cities and towns that are still virtually untouched by tourism. When the kids become bored with the beach and aquatic sports, try a trip to the C'an Marca Caves that are situated on the north end of the island by the Puerto de San Miguel Beach. The great view you receive while you walk down the steps towards the cave entrance may be worth the trip alone. Inside you will find many amounts of golden walls that are lined with stalactites and stalagmites.

You'll be spoilt for choice if you wish to move away from your holiday homes for a day trip. Try going for a tour of Ibiza's northern coast: go to the beautiful village of San Mateo that is encircled by regal mountain ranges, resulting in rough coves where one can get stunning sights of the Mediterranean Sea and beyond. Further north is Santa Agnes, which is not touched by mass tourism and where one can get sights of almond groves and spectacular mountain ranges. If you're feeling adventurous you are able to hire an electric motorboat and visit Es Vedra, a tropical rock off the southwest coast of Ibiza. You will find various misconceptions and stories surrounding this rock and many people accept as true that it has mysterious magnetic forces, so why wouldn't you go and discover for yourself?

Many travellers who book a HOLIDAY IN SPAIN on Ibiza beach discover that hiring a vehicle can increase their holiday experience. It's tempting not to move far away from your leased holiday home but there's a lot more to do, see and understand if you're able to get out easily. The island is just 45 kilometres long and 25 kilometres wide so if you plan your route you can easily see much of the island in a single day. If you are planning to hire a car it is recommended that you book one before you decide to travel as vehicle hire is extremely popular particularly in the peak holidays.

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