Manifesting It’s simple, but most people vastly over complicate the process. The Law of Attraction is the missing piece of the puzzle, when and only when you put the rest of the pieces together.

An olympian does not manifest a Gold Medal without working out, and anyone who is attempting to manifest spectacular results without going through the necessary process is just,delusional. Richard Branson, Donald Trump & Bill Gates all regularly use The Law of Attraction but do you really believe they are spending hours compiling information on manifesting? then at home meditating. Their approach is different to what you think and guess what it works magically, its the same approach that Napoleon Hill identified and was taught by the richest man in the world at the time Andrew Carnegie.

In the late 90’s, I had after close to a 3 year lay off from fighting, decided to head back to the gym and pick up where I left of I was in for a serious wake up call. My mind was there but my body wasn’t the fighters that I would normally eat for breakfast where throwing me around as if I had never stepped in the ring. Three years prior I was on the brink of fighting professionally in Japan when disaster struck, two collapsed vertebrae had me out of the sport I loved, I was unable to work, unable to walk and if that wasn’t enough it brought an 8 year relationship to a close.

My situation made 180 degree shift when I had finally applied and learned what it really took to manifest results.

This is how my story begins... A friend of mine, suggested I read Bob Proctors Born Rich.

It was then that the penny dropped I saw for the first time crystal clear how my previous thoughts had ended up in disastrous results. I rushed to my local book store and picked up the classic Think & Grow Richer as this was known as the bible of personal development and the law of attraction.

I read the book cover to cover 4 x and sunk so deeply Napoleons timeless teachings in to the depths of my subconscious and I religiously applied his teachings. Inside of 6 months I was earning more each week then I had the entire year, I really did think myself rich, I had also met the love of my life, and as for fighting I made it through the most rigorous trials in the world, in an organization known as Pride, I was accepted to fight in Japan (not bad for someone that was advised by doctors to avoid lifting a kettle to make my cup of tea in the morning).

In my working life my success rate in my field had become and is still one of the highest in the world as I coupled NLP & Hypnosis with the timeless teachings of Napoleon Hill and Maxwell Maltz. My practice today is based in London's Harley Street where I regularly work with olympians, performers, celebrities and people from every walk of life and what’s more I do not know anyone else in my field that Guarantees what they do.

In the near future I will be creating advanced visualization audio’s which will have the same methods I devised that led an anxiety ridden rower to become ‘The World’s Fastest Rower’ that year after a session with me that lasted under two hours. Or a friend who asked for help in a new field, he wanted to be a real estate broker, the interesting thing was I worked with him over a Starbux cappachino, the techniques I took him through where so powerful that inside of 6 months he was the second highest earner in this nationwide company. The amazing thing is he had never sold anything before.

Here are some real nuggets to hold on to and reflect upon.

Yes you do need to visualize and emotionalize this is paramount to your success it is to always be in the state. Further to understand and look at the biographies of some of the most successful self made people in the World. You will see they were not lottery winners wishing to achieve something out of nothing. Each and every case have a similar story just with different characters. Its as if the Universe rewards those that strive for a definite major purpose with every once of their being and with the belief and conviction that they will achieve the result. In the timeless words of Earl Nightingale:

“If circumstances are not how you wish them to be, create your own!”

When you do hit the vein of gold it becomes like the river that never runs dry, you may see people that have amassed fortunes lose them, but only to rebuild them once again. When you condition yourself for success there really is no limit to what you can accomplish.

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Harley Street Based Mind Strategist, Master Trainer NLP & Hypnosis.