I can’t tell you the number of people, who when I tell them that I have teenagers, say things like “Wow that must be tough” or “Good luck you will need it”. I don’t care, I love having teenagers. I really do. I can still remember what my life was like as a teenager. I can remember when I was honest with my parents and when I was not. I can remember all of the things that I put my parents through. Believe me growing up in a family of five, where you came home when the street light came on, we had allot of time to put our parents through hell. I know that my kids, or at least one of them, will do the same to me but… I still love having teenagers.

So why you ask? Why after all that you put your parents through? Why after all of the warnings others are giving you? Why knowing full well that the “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” do you still love having teenagers? Well here is why in this weeks (drum roll please):


1. I don’t have to ever watch Barney again

2. They can make their own lunch’s or starve. Their choice not mine.

3. At 16 my car pool duties get cut in half.

4. Toying with them is soooo much funner

5. They are actually concerned about being grounded if they don’t do their chores

6. I no longer need to pay for babysitters

7. They are strong in their opinions and resolve. I respect that.

8. I get to see that what I created may actually have a purpose in this world

9. Threatening to take away their cell phone pretty much guarantees me that I get whatever I want.

10. No matter how independent they become, or how mature they claim to be, I will always remember that they where my babies first and no teenager will ever take that away.

What is on your Top 10 List???

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"Anybody can be a father, it takes a special person to be a dad"

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